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Why This Luxury English Vacation Is Perfect for Wine Lovers

A vacation where you can truly unwind is the best kind! That’s why our one-of-a-kind luxury English vacation is such a favourite of holidaymakers (and food and wine lovers!) seeking a relaxing experience with lots of pampering. 

Laura and Nathan, founders and live-in hosts of English Cottage Vacation, created this countryside holiday experience to mimic the luxury feel of the yacht charters that were part of their professional lives for almost a decade. Thanks to their first-hand experience with providing one of the most luxurious services that exists, Laura and Nathan guarantee you’ll get only the best at Well Cottage.

From the serene vibe of the Dorset area where our cottage is located to the attentive service from your hosts, this is the ultimate luxury British vacation. With Laura’s spectacular cooking and Nathan’s chauffeur services that you can enjoy as you explore many marvellous places, English Cottage Vacation is a truly all-inclusive package of luxury at its finest. 

Partake of the Grape!

Photo of glasses of red and white wine with bunches of grapes to illustrate the ideal holiday for wine loversNow, if you love to “wine-down,” this is just the vacation for you for so many reasons! The lush scenery provides a gorgeous backdrop that you can sit back and enjoy while you sip on a glass of your favourite wine to match any of the delicious meals Laura prepares for you. Thanks to Nathan, your personal chauffeur and hence your designated driver, you can also indulge as much as you like while you’re out. 

Britain has some fabulous wines, made to perfection for the finest, richest taste. Whether you prefer sparkling wines, reds, whites or rosés – you’ll find something you love from the vast collection produced by British winemakers. We’re passing along the top 5 British winemakers through the grapevine,  so next time you visit here you’ll know where to go for a good glass.

Furleigh Estate, Bridport

One of the greatest natural wonders of Dorset is the Jurassic Coast, a magnificent site that bears evidence of millions of years of geological history. Through our partnership with Jurassic Charters, we offer a yacht tour of the coast so you can see it in style from the deck as you sip on a glass of your favourite wine. 

But the natural beauty of the historic site and our yacht charter isn’t all that’s great about it, especially for wine lovers. The Furleigh Estate that’s just a few miles from the Jurassic Coast is one of the largest vineyards in Dorset with fossil-rich soil that they attribute to the growth of their world-class wines. 

You can go on paid tours and take part in tastings of their award-winning sparkling wines made from Champagne grapes of classic favourites like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. 

Langham Wine Estate, Dorchester

Langham Wine Estate, winner of national and international awards for truly remarkable sparkling wines, is famous for using only their own grapes and following traditional production methods. 

You can enjoy a self-guided tour around the estate with a tasting, take a private tour, or go on a group guided tour instead. The tours are around two hours of glorious, wine-infused fun where you’ll get to taste three of the estate’s best wines.

Sherborne Castle Wines, Sherborne 

Oh, to roam around an ancient castle, glass of wine in hand! 

A vacation with us has all the above in spades. Thanks to the variety of excursions we offer, you can take a tour around the many different castles in Dorset and learn about Britain’s rich history while you enjoy snacks, wine and other beverages packed for you by Laura. 

While these excursions are all amazing, a wine tasting at Sherborne Castle Wines is truly special. It combines a visit to the stunning 16th Century castle and access to a shop where you can buy the various sparkling and still wines made in their private vineyard. You can even relax and enjoy the wines there at the on-site restaurant and tearooms before Nathan drives you safely back home in our comfy van. 

Melbury Vale Winery, Shaftesbury

We love a good origin story here at English Cottage Vacation because, from our own experience, we know there’s so much magic in the tale of how something begins. That’s why Melbury Vale Winery is on our list of the top 5 vineyards in Dorset. 

Brother and sister, Glynn and Clare, bought the broken down Barefoot Farm farmland and buildings then renovated and rebuilt them over years into a sustainable winery. Being a family-run business ourselves, we absolutely adore that Glynn and Clare are doing such amazing work together. 

Aside from making great-tasting wines, Melbury is making waves on the grapevine because of its sustainable design features, like how it’s built into the hillside and harvests rainwater through its flower meadow roof. Sparkling and still wine along with artisanal cider and various liqueurs are some of the delicious drinks from their collection that you can try out during a tour or lunch. 

D’Urberville Vineyard, Dorchester 

A sparkling new vineyard making wine that sparkles too, D’Urberville Vineyard may be a small one but it’s already making big moves. We love the name that links to the famous Dorset author, Thomas Hardy’s classic novel Tess of the D’Urbervilles. 

The background of the name alone makes it every book lover’s dream and the different wines made from various champagne grapes are the icing on the cake. The vineyard currently doesn’t offer any tours or tastings but you can enjoy their wines in the comfort of our cottage and let every sip transport you to the quaint vineyard built on an old Poundbury farm. 

Shaftesbury Wines, Shaftesbury

Established in 1997, Shaftesbury Wines has aged perfectly just like the fine wines it offers. This store is fuelled by passion, both for wine-making and giving people something that’s a little different from the mass produced wine that’s all over the market. 

Though Shaftesbury Wines isn’t a vineyard like all the others mentioned above, it’s a store well worth a visit during your UK vacation. It puts a spotlight on individual producers who share a passion for wine with David Perry, the current owner of the shop. You can find a great range of some timeless favourites there, like a fine Claret and vintage Port. 

Final Word

If the idea of a week filled with lots of tasty wines that you can drink any time of the day sounds awesome, you’ll love English Cottage Vacation! We make everything so easy and convenient for you, from planning excursions to serving you whatever your heart desires. Call us to find out more and book your luxury British vacation with us.