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The Ultimate British Fairytale Vacation: The Castles Of Dorset

Far, far away, deep in the lush countryside of Dorset, where the birds sing a gentle melody every morning and colourful blooms awaken you with a fragrant kiss, a fairytale vacation awaits!

English Cottage Vacation is a dream come true, offering guests the chance to experience a life that feels almost too good to be real. With our all-inclusive holiday packages, you get to enjoy the best of a luxury British vacation without the hassle or stress of planning it or figuring out all the finer details because we take care of all that. 

Like a fairytale draws you in, transporting you to another place and hitting you right in the feels, English Cottage Vacation reveals an enchanting new reality. This is thanks, in part, to the magic of Dorset, flowing through the ley lines that connect historic structures and ancient landmarks like the mystical Stonehenge. 

Our History

English Cottage Vacation is a place full of history, just like its historic surroundings. Before Well Cottage became the luxurious vacation home many holidaymakers know and love today, it was a drover’s cottage offering a place of rest for tradesmen. 

Although Laura and Nathan renovated Well Cottage into a place where luxury seeps through the walls into every aspect of your vacation, some elements of the original place remain to this day as a little nod to its historic beginnings. The original inglenook fireplace and bread oven stand proud, silently telling tales of winters past when the fireplace provided warm comfort from the outside while the oven produced carb-filled warmth from the inside. 

The Fairytale Comes Alive Through  the Castles of Dorset

Every vacation has a bit of magic in it, but English Cottage Vacation goes the extra mile and more. All the little things you often worry about are taken care of before you even have to think about them, like what you’ll have for breakfast or where you’ll spend the day, thanks to Laura and Nathan’s hard work as your attentive hosts. 

Beyond the cottage, you’ll see the fairytale-like kingdom of Dorset come alive through awe-inspiring castles brimming with medieval magic. Here are just a few among many that you can explore during your vacation with us:

Lulworth Castle

Photo of Lulworth Castle, one of many castles of DorsetIf the Lulworth Castle walls could talk, they’d tell tales of a majestic fortress that once was a hunting lodge, lived through the English Civil War, survived a devastating fire and gave shelter to generations of occupants. 

The 17th century castle is one of the most beautiful in Dorset, located near two famous landmarks – Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove – which add to the natural, magical element of the place. It’s a jaw-dropping sight to behold and the grounds are fantastic for a relaxing walk. The estate where Lulworth Castle is located hosts many events throughout the year, so there’s always a good chance of finding something fun to do during an excursion there. 

Highcliffe Castle

Photo of Highcliffe Castle which is another one of the famous castles in DorsetHighcliffe Castle stands tall above the water – a stunning seaside castle that’s a wonder to behold, offering a spectacular view across the sea. Although it’s younger than most of Dorset’s castles, having been built between 1831 and 1836 for Lord Stuart de Rothesay, it has a long, rich history.

Over the years, Highcliffe Castle has hosted some famous guests, such as Prime Minister William Gladstone. The castle is also open to the public where numerous events and exhibitions are hosted throughout the year.

And if you’d prefer a quieter activity, you can enjoy walking through the 14-acre grounds surrounding the castle, or take a basket full of Laura’s goodies and set up a picnic. 

Corfe Castle

At first glance Corfe Castle might seem like just a ruin, but when you take a closer look you’ll discover Britain’s fascinating history preserved in the crevices of the crumbling walls. 

Built as a medieval fortress by William the Conqueror in around 1066, it was improved by two further monarchs, Edward I in the 12th century, and in the 13th century under King John

The English Civil War of the 1600’s destroyed most of the castle, leaving it uninhabitable, but it’s an unforgettable sight to behold nonetheless. 

Final Word

The magical experience that English Cottage Vacation offers is like something out of a fairytale, with a guaranteed happily ever after. It’s something you definitely shouldn’t miss – so if you’re thinking of visiting the UK on your next vacation, book your luxury stay with us and get ready for an enchanting fairytale to become your reality!