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What Is A Thatched Cottage?

If a picture paints a thousand words, then an image of our Well Cottage is the perfect answer to the question: “What is a thatched cottage?”

On the outside, Well Cottage (the home of English Cottage Vacation), is the very definition of a thatched cottage. It stands proud and sturdy with a roof covered in piles and piles of straw expertly bound together by masterful traditional thatchers. 

While you’ll be drawn in by the rustic allure of the exterior, the cosy, stylish interior is so inviting you’ll want to snuggle in and never leave! In order to make English Cottage Vacation the kind of luxury vacation offer we envisioned, we renovated the cottage to have all the modern comforts you dream of – with a touch of timeless elegance thanks to some original features.

What’s A Traditional British Thatched Cottage Like?

A thatched cottage is a quintessential English cottage found throughout Britain. Although every cottage has elements of uniquity, they all share some features distinctive to a classic thatched cottage. 

The traditional thatched cottage has a sloping roof made up of dried straw, reed, or rushes. The building itself is typically made from stone, hence making the cottage sturdy enough to withstand harsh winds and chilly winters. Some cottages are made from red brick, fitting in easier with modern times and architecture. 

The crowning glory of a thatched cottage is its roof. It is a work of art in itself, created from the incredible work of skilled craftsmen. At first glance, the craft seems deceptively simple but there is much more to thatching than piling up bundles of straw or other dried vegetation.

The ancient craft requires skill, time and patience to achieve the elegant look of the various styles of the roofs such as the curves and ridgelines you can see on our cottage. The result of all this hard work is a beautiful roof that’s impressively resistant to the elements, with watertight insulation.

How We Turned A Thatched Cottage Into A Luxury Destination

A luxury vacation is defined by many as the wildest dreams becoming reality. It’s a unique experience, with immaculate service that goes above and beyond all expectations, where you enjoy exclusivity in a private and relaxing environment. Where all your days are filled with fine things, unlimited pampering and fantastic adventures. 

Initially, a thatched cottage may not seem like a place where you can enjoy such sumptuousness – but English Cottage Vacation challenged the status quo and made it all possible! Keeping the rustic look of the cottage to fit in with Dorset’s idyllic charm, then contrasting that with a modern interior makes our offer all the more enchanting. 

We chose to have our luxury vacation home in pastoral, peaceful Dorset where you can enjoy being pampered and spoilt without being distracted by the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Our inspiration for English Cottage Vacation was luxury yacht charters where you enjoy an extravagant vacation experience on the water, with adventures at every turn and new places to explore on one trip. English Cottage Vacation is designed in much the same way: an all-inclusive package that offers everything you can think of in a luxury vacation, from gourmet meals to thrilling excursions of all kinds and attentive personal service throughout. 

Some Examples of Thatched Cottages

Although thatched cottages are a rare sight now in many parts of the world, Britain still has plenty of them. From cosy little treasures hidden away from the rest of the world to those owned by the rich and famous, there are many gorgeous thatched cottages that still stand today.

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage is one of the most well-known thatched cottages in the world. This picturesque treasure is the childhood home of Shakespeare’s bride – after whom the cottage is named. It was built way back in 1463, with naturally curved timber beams and a thick thatched roof of reeds. 

The cottage has featured on numerous calendars, posters, book covers, cookie tins and lots more places, thanks to its beautiful appearance and the timeless love story attached to it. 

Another superb example is Beehive Cottage, a historic building built around 1833 as a home for a gardener who worked at a nearby estate. Currently, the cottage has four bedrooms and is one of the most photographed cottages in the area of New Forest. 

Gold Hill, a popular street in Dorset. has a few thatched cottages scattered along its length, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. There’s even a thatched country pub called The Royal Oak, where patrons enjoy a nice, cold drink and the rustic charm of their surroundings.

Final Word

Seeing a traditional British thatched cottage up close is like taking a trip back in time. These enchanting dwellings are a tangible piece of history that never fail to leave those who see them in awe of their timeless beauty. 

Imagine immersing yourself in the rich history and charm of one of these cosy historic buildings, all while indulging in exquisite luxury and comfort. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to make unforgettable, fairytale memories – book your stay with English Cottage Vacation right now!