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The History Of British Thatched Cottages

Britain has a rich history, evidenced by awe-inspiring natural treasures and historic architectural wonders. From the many castles that still stand to the ruins that are now mere shells of the glorious structures they once were, Britain’s illustrious history is plain to see in these and lots of other examples. 

Some of the most historic buildings are quintessentially British thatched cottages. Though they may not be as grand as the imposing fortresses, these beguiling traditional dwellings are true treasures in themselves. 

English Cottage Vacation honours age-old tradition and preserves the country’s rich history through the thatched cottage we’ve converted into a popular exclusive retreat. Well Cottage stands tall and proud with a traditional British thatched roof while offering the most luxurious comforts within. 

The History of British Thatched Cottages

By Andrew Curtis, CC BY-SA 2.0, traditional, 18th-century thatched cottage may be one of many such homes but many more came before it. One of the earliest known thatched dwellings in Britain was the Howick house, a cottage that lay just a few miles east of Alnwick. It dated back to around 7600 BC and was reconstructed by archeologists in 2005. The reconstruction was open to the public until 2012 when it came down. 

Over the centuries, more and more thatched cottages cropped up. At the time, thatching was roofing for the poor, a method of convenience where the closest available material was used to protect homes from harsh elements. But now with many other alternatives available, the installation and upkeep of a thatched roof have made the practice one more the domain of the well-heeled. 

Evolution of Thatched Cottages

While the art of thatching has primarily remained the same, thatched cottages have certainly evolved over time. Where most thatched roofs from long ago were simply stacked up bundles of straw, reeds or other dried-up vegetation bound together to keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer, now thatched roofs mostly serve an aesthetic purpose. 

They create a rustic vibe to the place that reminds people of warm summers in the countryside. Thatchers even create patterns in the straw, adding ridgelines or their signature design to the thatched roofs. Even the cottages upon which the roofs sit look a lot different now than then, with red bricks replacing stone walls that were common in thatched cottages long ago.

The Luxury ECV Experience

English Cottage Vacation is a luxury experience that’s unlike any other British thatched cottages. Although our cottage may seem like just another thatched home from the outside, there’s so much more to it on the inside.

From the moment you step through our doors, luxury awaits you. Throughout your vacation, you’re served by two attentive hosts, Nathan and Laura, who work together to ensure that you have the best, most luxurious experience ever.

Nathan serves as your personal chauffeur, picking you up from the airport, driving you around wherever you need to go and back to the airport again when it’s time to say goodbye.

Meanwhile, Laura creates mouthwatering dishes for you to enjoy every morning, afternoon and evening – using only the best organic and locally sourced ingredients. And on top of that, you’ll love the tranquillity of the verdant English countryside of Dorset which you can enjoy from our lush lawns over a picnic or stroll through the nearby woods, or from any of our cosy rooms and lounges.

Some Thatched Cottage Trivia

Just outside Stratford-upon-Avon lies a thatched house with a remarkable history. This is Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, childhood home of William Shakespeare’s wife after whom the cottage is named.

The house dates back to 1463 and since then has been home to 13 generations of Hathaway’s including Anne, the love of Shakespeare’s life. The thatched house gained fame and popularity because of their love story and the truly idyllic look of the place. Some of the original furniture remains in the house to this day, like the ‘Hathaway Bed,’ and the ‘Shakespeare Courting Chair,’ where it’s said Shakespeare wooed his bride before they said “I do.”

Final Word

With English Cottage Vacation, you can experience a piece of British history firsthand in our enchanting thatched cottage. Renovated to include all the mod-cons requisite to a truly luxurious stay, Well Cottage also retains some charming original features including its beautiful inglenook fireplace. As we pamper and spoil you with luxury beyond your wildest dreams, you’ll delight in the peace and comfort our little home-away-from-home offers. Get in touch to book your luxury vacation with us and experience historic Britain like never before!