When To Visit

When to Visit

It’s commonly thought that it rains a lot here in the UK, but that’s not entirely true. However, there is no week or month that we can guarantee what the weather is going to do, so we’re very used to just doing what we like!

We’ve put a brief guide below to the English weather and our seasons.

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Here are our UK top tips for the weather

March and April can be wonderful spring months but there’s always the chance of rain and it can sometimes be a little chilly.

May and June are generally fair weather months, beginning to get warmer during the day and with longer daylight hours. There are sometimes mini heatwaves in June reaching temperatures in the high 20s C (low 80s F)

July and August are the UK’s summer, and are generally mild and sunny. You can enjoy long summer evenings, remaining warm until sunset.

September is a beautiful time to visit the UK. It will still feel like summer for the most part, although the evenings will get chilly as the sun begins to set earlier. It’s generally quite dry and mild, and the first open fire of summer will be lit on some evenings.

October is when we move into the fall; the nights begin to draw in, the leaves on the trees are changing colours and they’re beginning to drop. There is nothing better than a sunny day in October, still averagely warmer than March and April. Our open fires will be lit every night.

November through February are the chilly (and sometimes wet) months but are still beautiful. There’s so much to do – walking on cold sunny days, and all the usual excursions are on offer; you can also enjoy cosy evenings in front of the open fires.