Local Area and Activities

Well Cottage is located in a tiny hamlet called Bedchester in the north Dorset countryside, in the south of England.


Well Cottage is located in a very small hamlet called Bedchester. We are surrounded by endless stretches of fields, farmland and rolling countryside. Bedchester borders the Cranborne Chase, which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is perfect for exploring, walking or hiking, cycling and enjoying the gorgeous scenic views. A hamlet is a small settlement of houses with a population of generally less than 100 people. Well Cottage is situated on the outskirts of Bedchester providing complete privacy with no other overlooking properties.

Fontmell Magna

Less than 1 mile from Well Cottage, is the small village of Fontmell Magna. You will find a small corner shop with a post office and the parish church, which is believed to date back to the late 15th century. Of course, it wouldn’t be a traditional English village without a pub as well! ‘The Fontmell’ offers great food and local ales. We can take you and pick you up in your private vehicle if you’ve had an action packed day. Alternatively, you can take a stroll through the country lane at your own leisure, enjoying the fresh British air on the way and reward yourself with a pint or a meal with the locals.


Located just a few miles north of us is the beautiful market town of Shaftesbury. The town was built around the Shaftesbury Abbey which was founded in 888 by King Alfred and became one of the richest religious establishments in the country before it was destroyed in 1539. Shaftesbury is home to Gold Hill, a steep cobbled street, which was made famous in the 1970’s by a television commercial advertising Hovis bread.

If you visit us in early July we can take you to Gold Hill Fair which has food stalls, art stalls and local live music and in February the community has kept the tradition of the Snowdrop festival where every year more Snowdrops are planted.

Cranbourne Chase

This is another Area Of Natural Beauty. With plenty of scenic walking and hiking routes, it’s easy to make the most of the gorgeous surroundings. Win Green is the highest point on Cranbourne Chase at 277m (909ft) and is considered a landmark with a grouping of trees all standing proudly atop its peak. Hambledon Hill is a prehistoric, Iron Age, hill fort owned by the National Trust and boasts equally exceptional views. We recommend this one as a fantastuc opportunity to stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh Dorset air. It really does rejuvenate you from the inside, out. There is a wonderful circular walk which we will guide you on if you wish, and for the kids – or adults – there are exciting Geocache ‘treasures’ to be found along the way.

Wardour Castle

Located just over the county border of Wiltshire, Wardour Castle was built in the 1390s and then partially destroyed in the mid 1600s. It is now managed by the English Heritage and could make a great stop on the way home from one of our main excursions, or a good choice if you prefer to have a more relaxing day, staying nearer to Well Cottage.

More Places to visit

With native knowledge of the surrounding area, we have collated all of our most favourite places and things to do for you to discover, explore and enjoy during your stay with us here at Well Cottage.