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Group Holiday With Friends? Go All In On A Luxury English Cottage Vacation

What better way to cement lifelong friendships than taking an unforgettable vacation together? To explore a new place and make fond memories to treasure forever. If you want to enjoy a luxury British holiday with friends but can’t face the logistical nightmare that comes with it, then we have the answer… 

English Cottage Vacation is the ultimate solution for groups travelling and staying together. Our one-of-a-kind luxury vacation delivers all the fun of getting away without the stress of planning the trip, researching things to do and setting up an itinerary. Read on to find out more about why our exclusive vacation offer is the best for group holidays with friends:

We Take Care of Everything So You Don’t Have To

Photo of guests at English Cottage Vacation enjoying a holiday with friendsOur offer of an all-inclusive luxury vacation is perfect, especially for a group of friends on vacation. So much work goes into planning a vacation and it’s a lot more challenging when you’re doing it for a group. Besides deciding where you want to spend your holiday, you’ll have to deal with the logistics of booking flights, accommodation, activities to do when you get there and lots more.

Thanks to our all-in package, you don’t have to worry about anything and every bit of your energy can go into having a good time. We help you plan the perfect vacation right from the start when you call to make a booking so you have everything to look forward to without the usual holiday planning stress. 

And once you arrive here, you’ll be taken care of by two dedicated live-in hosts — Laura and Nathan. Between the two of them, they’ve got everything covered; from what delicious meals you’ll eat throughout your stay (and the perfect bottle of wine or champagne to go with it) to how you’ll get to your next adventure (and even what that adventure is). 

And it’s more than just the basics, like a fixed standard menu or calling a cab for you as you’d expect with an ordinary vacation destination. We add a personal touch to our services to make them extra special for you. That’s why Laura prepares a menu before you even arrive that considers your dietary preferences and any restrictions. And that’s also why Nathan acts as your personal chauffeur while you’re here and takes you wherever you need to go.

Come for the Luxury Vibe, Stay for the Food

Nothing brings people together better than food. While you’re on vacation with your friends, we know you’ll enjoy bonding over Laura’s fantastic, mouthwatering dishes. As she’s a professional chef with 12 years of experience, you can trust that everything she serves you will be a work of culinary art – both in the way it looks and how delicious it tastes. 

Our sample menu is a small taste of what she’s got in store for you. Imagine starting your day with a breakfast buffet of fresh, juicy fruits, cereals, yoghurts, sinfully delicious pastries and morning cakes, plus so much more. And then celebrate the height of the day with a traditional English meal such as beer battered fish with homemade chips and a dash of salt and vinegar – simply scrumptious! When it’s time to wind down, Laura’s three-course evening meals are the perfect thing to complement the evening chatter as you catch up on each other’s day and plan tomorrow’s adventure. 

Holiday with friends: Adventures of All Kinds for Everyone

Whether you love to spend time outdoors doing something active or you have a more laid-back approach to your downtime, there’s an adventure perfect for you right here in Dorset. For the ones who love historic attractions with a magical story behind them, Stonehenge and the many castles in and around Dorset offer a perfect journey back through time.

Want to witness nature at its finest on a day out with your friends? Then the Jurassic Coast, where history and nature combine to tell a fascinating story, is the place to go. The best part of this excursion is that you can enjoy it from the luxurious comfort of our yacht charter, thanks to our partnership with Jurassic Charters. 

You can take a walk through a village, hike a nearby hill, blaze a trail through the forest and go on a balloon ride. No matter which of these your heart yearns for, we’ll help you enjoy it to the fullest by taking care of all the finer details so you can focus on only the best parts of your adventure. 

A group vacation with your friends is an awesome way to connect over all the things you have in common, while celebrating the little things that set you apart. English Cottage Vacation in the quintessentially English countryside of Dorset offers the ideal setting for a luxurious vacation beyond your wildest dreams. Make contact to learn more about what we offer and book your spot today!