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UK Countryside Vacation: The Natural Remedies Found In British Forests

The nurturing power of nature is a remarkable thing to behold.

We see it in every sunrise that lifts our spirits as the sun climbs higher and higher in the sky. And in the rippling waves of the deep blue sea that carry our blues away, disappearing into the natural ebb and flow of the ocean’s movements – and out of sight, out of mind. We even experience it in the soothing comfort of herbs, plants, seeds, and weeds that offer natural remedies to ease our pains and aches.  

Nature knows best and it’s a kind of magic to be privy to the magnificent healing wonders it offers. Here in England, this medicinal knowledge is instilled in us from a young age and now, you can learn it too. Through English Cottage Vacation, you can experience nature’s healing powers firsthand. 

Whether you go on a long walk to feel the refreshing rush of the wind as it gently sways the trees’ leaves, or enjoy a hike deep into the nearby woods to learn of the natural remedies scattered throughout the forest. This blog is a reminder that nature really does have all the answers. So, read on to learn more about the natural remedies found in British forests. 

Dock Leaf

Because of what we’re taught from a young age, we know as soon as you find yourself agonising over a welt that’s rising from the fresh nettle stings that have graced an ankle, wrist or leg, the first thought is to find a dock leaf nearby. Once you see one of the plush, juicy leaves, you pull it up from the ground and tear it into pieces, then rub it onto your nettle sting. This alleviates the pain immediately, leaving a little green kiss where your welt had previously been residing.

This little hiking trick is a traditional folk cure that really works and delivers extra joy – apart from the stinging relief – to pluck a cure directly from nature, to heal yourself. Isn’t it such a true testament to nature’s harmony that you will always find dock leaves near nettles? A cure right beside the cause of the pain…


Have you ever truly dreamed if you’ve never made a wish on a dandelion and watched the snow-white seeds get carried away by the wind?

The dandelion is known for so much more here in England, than for its vibrant yellow leaves that eventually turn into the puffy white ball of seeds we wish upon. From the stem to the leaves, flowers, and roots, you can use them all to treat several health problems. The leaves in particular contain large quantities of potassium and other minerals and you can harness the amazing benefits of these by adding them to a salad. And if you’re worrying about a wart, just break off a dandelion as close to the ground as you can, squeeze out the sticky white milk and rub it onto the wart to treat it. 


When the cold weather hits, you know the flu is not far behind. Catching a cold, especially during your vacation, is always annoying and while most times we just have to let it run its course, nature has provided hyssop as a great remedy to help us along our journey back to prime health.

Thanks to its fresh, minty properties, the herb helps to clear the stuffy head that often comes with the common cold. All you need to do is mix hyssop with honey and apple cider vinegar and you’ve got yourself a homemade cough syrup. You can even add it to hot water and inhale the steam to relieve a chesty cough. 

Japanese Knotweed

Ticks really do highlight the reality that something can be small but mighty. The insect is about the size of an apple seed but a bite from an infected tick can cause the bacterial infection called Lyme Disease. Ticks that cause Lyme Disease are usually found in grassy and wooded areas. 

Fortunately, nature offers several herbs as remedies with potent antimicrobial properties like the Japanese Knotweed. Harvest the roots and add them to a pot of boiling water and let it simmer before you drink it to treat early-stage Lyme Disease. 

Fennel and Chamomile

Tea is a beloved beverage here in the UK, adored for its soothing effect and how it magically brings people together to share stories over a cup, accompanied by a plate of biscuits or delectable scones. 

A tea of dried chamomile flowers and ground fennel seeds (with dried bee balm flowers and dried orange peel) after a meal helps you ease indigestion and it is simple to make, but extremely delicious in flavour. 

These are just a few examples of amazing natural remedies you can pluck directly from nature. We’d love to share more of them with you, so go ahead and book a luxury vacation with English Cottage Vacation to experience the healing power of nature.