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The Law Of Attraction & How It Helped Us Launch Our Business

The mind is such a powerful thing. Capable of dreaming of things far beyond what our circumstances allow us to see and pushing us to be greater than we ever imagined we could be. 

Some even believe everything we are or will be and have or will ever attain all begins in the mind. The Law of Attraction is a life philosophy that is based on this concept. Simply put, this law suggests that what you focus your energy on will come back to you.

So, if you focus on positive thoughts, you get positive results, while negative thinking brings negative outcomes. Based on the law, when you focus on a certain achievement, you emit positive energy that attracts those achievements to you. So to consciously and actively engage in thoughts that are purely positive, isn’t just good practice for your mental health, but a life-changing habit that can help you  live your ultimate dream life, having all material and mental aspects that your hearts so desires, by yours. The truth is, this is achievable for everyone – what holds people back from obtaining this way of thinking is the lack of knowing desire and of self-belief. If you don’t  know what you really want from this life, if you’ve never really thought about it as a possible, tangible reality, how can you know how to move towards it? While if you don’t believe in yourself, how can you take the risks required to achieve anything great?

The Law of Attraction & Manifestation

The law of attraction and manifestation go hand-in-hand. While the law encourages focusing on positive thoughts, manifestation is all about turning those positive thoughts into reality, or something physically tangible.

At first glance, both the law and manifestation may seem like simply practising positive thinking. But that alone cannot bring change in your life, especially business-wise. However, when you practice both these together, you start to attract opportunities, people and work ethic that can help you achieve your biggest dreams, which prompts you into taking actions that allow your thoughts to come into fruition and become reality. Where you place your energy, is what you will attract back.

What Famous People Use The Law of Attraction?

Graphic of a card stating 'Think Positive Be Positive' attached to a sting with a clothes peg to illustrate the Law of AttractionFamous people seem to be in a league of their own – and it makes sense, doesn’t it? Those that achieve their wildest dreams, what often most of us think is impossible, had to be dreamt up by them, and focused on relentlessly to arrive at where they find themselves to be. They have unlocked the secret to success through this process of hard work, discipline and a relentlessness to not take no for an answer – to try and try and try again. It is through their ability to believe that failure is a required step to success – and it is! If you are not failing at something, then you are not trying something new, nor progressing. Failure must be seen as an entirely necessary aspect of life, and thus, must be invited with positive energy surrounding it, so that when you fall down or are set back, you simply dust yourself off, get back up and fight stronger than before.

Some of the celebrities and the rich and famous that attribute their success to the law of attraction are some of the best known in the entertainment industry, making them all fascinating examples and proof that positive thinking and the law of attraction really does work. 

  • Oprah Winfrey

Everyone knows the name Oprah Winfrey. She’s especially famous for her talk show and many philanthropic acts. In one interview, she talked about how the law of attraction helped her get a role in The Color Purple, which she’d been praying and dreaming about having. She also believes that the way in which we think is absolutely what creates our reality. 

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Arnold is famous for his role in the Terminator franchise, among other things. He spoke of his strong belief in visualisation in an interview and how believing in that vision motivates you to take actions that help you achieve your goals and dreams. That principle helped him get through gruelling sessions in the gym with a smile because he knew it meant getting closer to the body he envisioned having. 

  • Steve Harvey 

Steve is popular for many things, including hosting several television shows, his career in stand-up comedy and in the film industry. In reference to the law of attraction, he likens people to magnets that attract what they are. So negative people attract negativity and positive people attract positivity. The law helped him get to where he is today – a complete contrast to the struggling young man he was when he started out. 

How We Used The Law of Attraction to Create English Cottage Vacation

Photo of English Cottage Vacation co-hosts Laura and Nathan who used the power of the Law of Attraction to succeed against all oddsLaura learned about the law of attraction early on as a child, although at the time, she only knew of it as positive thinking. It was thanks to some tapes that her parents often played in their camper, where a man talked about the power of the mind to help them get anything their heart so desires. 

That created a deep-seated belief in her that she could use her mind to shift her dreams from being imaginary visions, to physical reality. So, when the idea for English Cottage Vacation was born up as a dream, she started practising the rules of the law of attraction on it. Laura spent years envisioning exactly how she would like it to be, what she and Nathan would offer and how they would merge their passion of looking after others during their many years in the yachting industry, into this new business idea… Nathan and Laura’s lives would change all for the better, thanks to her vision of this perfect life. The detail in which Laura imagined was even down to the financial side of the dream. She wrote all of it down and even though thoughts about it were on and off over the years, the dream remained fixed in her heart and in her mind.

When they really started to focus on it, practising the law of attraction helped Laura and Nathan in so many ways. Especially when they were searching for the perfect cottage to make a home. Thinking positively about this led them to Well Cottage, which turned out to be so much better than they could have ever hoped for in a house. This search also reinforced the role and importance of taking action along with thinking positively to make a dream come true.

So, for example, while they focused on believing that they would find the kind of house they were looking for in the area they wanted, they also took action by actively searching and going to view as many listings as they possibly could in any time that they had, until they found the one.

The law of attraction also helped them get through some of the tougher times that they endured on their business journey – like the COVID-19 pandemic. Without the positive thinking that they had reinforced in their minds over and over again, the whole experience  would have been a lot more stressful, to the point that they might have just given up on their dream. 

For us, English Cottage Vacation is proof that you really can do anything that you set your mind to – and do it well. If you need motivation to start practicing the law of attraction in your own life, think of how we turned an idea into a successful luxury vacation business in the middle of a global pandemic. We’d love it if you could join us too and experience what we offer firsthand, so give us a call and book your space with us here in Dorset, today.