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The Ultimate Luxury British Vacation: Beach Days & Yacht Trips

What do you picture when you think of a perfect vacation? 

We know we speak for many when we say the perfect luxury British vacation is one where you feel happy and free. Where a sunny day is more than just nice weather, but also a reason to smile, laugh and plan for some fun in the sun. Where you don’t have to worry about what you’ll eat or what you’ll do or where you’ll go because all of that is already taken care of for you.

English Cottage Vacation offers a unique luxury vacation experience through the efforts and dedication of our two live-in hosts, Nathan and Laura. They are the hero and heroine behind the scenes, making sure everything is in place and that our guests’ needs are taken care of. 

Besides amazing gourmet meals by your personal chef, Laura and having your own exceptional chauffeur services thanks to Nathan, another wonderful aspect to look forward to here at English Cottage Vacation is the time, energy and insight that goes into planning your days out. We work hard to create your dream itinerary, making sure we include all of the best secret spots here in Dorset, where you can truly experience the beauty of the United Kingdom in all of its glory. 

If your ideal vacation is of the sunny variety, with lots of splashing around in the cool sea and feeling the warmth of the sand on under your toes, then you might not have yet considered Great Britain. But during the summer months we reach highs of 30 degrees Celsius regularly – and even peaked last summer, in the 40s! We tailor your holiday to suit your every desire, offering high-quality, all-inclusive luxury services.

So if you’ve got a luxury British vacation on your mind, with lots of beach days out, we can help you “seas” each day! There’s so much to do on the beach and here are a few of our favourite picks:

Pick A Picnic Spot

Photo of a gourmet picnic laid out on the lawn at English Cottage Vacation on a luxury British vacationA day exploring the English countryside couldn’t be complete without a picnic basket full of yummy goodies. Your in-house chef and live-in host, Laura makes sure your trips outside the cottage have the same tasty experience that you’d get from spending a day indoors through a combination of snacks and treats that she prepares herself in the kitchen and picks out from some of Dorset’s best brands. 

The picnic basket will even include refreshing drinks chosen for you by Nathan according to what you like and prefer. So you don’t have to worry about anything other than giving your undivided attention to your loved ones.

Drink To The Sunset

Picture this: The day is almost done, lots of people are packing up their picnic blankets and baskets, folding up their umbrellas and heading back home after a wonderful day at the beach. 

But, before darkness descends and the sky fills up with stars, nature grants you one more wonder – a beautiful sunset. The scenery of the sky shifts and changes at every passing moment, with the sun painting the clouds in vibrant colours as it goes down, kissing the surface of the ocean before slipping away behind the horizon. 

What could possibly make this spectacular view even better?… Celebrating the end of another fantastic day with a glass of wine, champagne, beer, or your favourite cocktail in hand, raising it to the sky as you bid the sun goodbye. Thanks to Nathan, who is your personal chauffeur and designated driver throughout your stay with us, you can drink as much as you like without fretting over how you’re going to get home after. So, cheers to the sunset and anything else you’d like to drink to, too on your luxury British vacation!

Take A Walk With Nature

The sandy shores of the beaches down here in Dorset are a great place to walk around and clear your mind. As your feet sink into the sand with every step, that fantastic holiday feeling washes away all weariness – and the combination of that, with the sun on your skin, and the wind in your hair, leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. 

As you walk around the beach, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature by wandering over to the water’s edge and dipping your feet into the cool water. Then take a deep breath and breathe in the salty air rising up from the sea. 

Sail The High Seas

With a history in the yachting industry, this is definitely one of Nathan’s and my favourites! We offer our guests a half-day yachting experience with luxury beyond the bounds of imagination. This yacht charter is 4 hours of pure bliss on British waters with Nathan on board, ready to share some fun tidbits about the magnificent Jurassic Coast and also serve you tasty snacks and drinks, all while soaking up the sun and seeing the iconic Durdle Door, from a very different perspective!

Sea You At The Beach!

If all the above sounds like just the thing you need on your next vacation, we’ve got you covered. Dorset is graced with many beautiful beaches where you can do any of the listed activities above, and many more. Our top 5 choices that you can explore while you vacation with us are:

  • Shell Bay, Studland

One of the most popular beaches in Dorset with lovely golden sands and a tranquil vibe, except during the summer when it becomes a hive of activity. 

  • Lulworth Cove

A unique pebble beach hidden away from the rest of the world in a remarkable cove formed by nature.

  • Durdle Door Beach

As part of the magnificent Jurassic Coast, Durdle Door beach is an absolute treasure with everything there is to love about a beach and more. 

  • Sandbanks Beach (Poole)

A wonder of golden sand stretching from the Poole harbour to Bournemouth, this beach is the perfect place to laze around or take part in more engaging activities like fishing, sailing and wind surfing. 

  • Bournemouth Beach

This is one of the oldest beaches in Dorset – and it remains one of the most loved for good reason! Its golden sands are just one of many things everyone loves about the beach. It’s also so close to town that you can nip back and forth for some snacks or new sunglasses, while also enjoying some quality beach time. 

Fun trips to the beach are just a taste of the wonderful things we have to offer here at English Cottage Vacation. For an adrenaline-filled, yet also relaxing, luxury British vacation within the English countryside, contact us and book your spot today!