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What It's Like To Have A Personal Chauffeur On Your UK Vacation

What if we told you that there is so much more to having a personal chauffeur on your UK vacation than the simple convenience of being picked up and dropped off wherever and whenever you please?

With English Cottage Vacation, everything is elevated to a much higher, much more luxurious level, even something as simple as being driven to and from places. Here, Nathan is your personal chauffeur, as well as one of your live-in hosts, and the ultimate drink expert. 

Thanks to his many roles, Nathan gets to know every guest well during their stay with us. This puts him in a better position to recommend excursions and trips to places that he knows you’ll love and then drive you there in elegant style. 

The best thing about Nathan’s chauffeuring services is that they aren’t just limited to trips to and from the airport or for excursions around Dorset and beyond. So if you need to pay a visit to a doctor or go to a hospital, he can take you there too — a true reflection of our principle to make our vacation an all-inclusive experience that caters to your every need, whenever the need may arise. 

So what is it like to have a personal chauffeur during your UK holiday, English Cottage Vacation style? Read on to find out! 

Your Chariot Awaits… A Chauffeur on your UK Vacation

Photo of English Cottage Vacation's executive Mercedes van driven by Nathan who is the personal chauffeur on your UK vacationThe luxury part of your vacation begins when you step off your plane at London Heathrow airport. Nathan will be awaiting you, ready to pick you up and drive you to Well Cottage, where we’ve got everything set to make all your luxury vacation dreams come true.

You’ll barely notice the length of the 2-hour ride to our cottage, thanks to the supreme comfort of our ride. We picked our stylish Mercedes V Class AMG specifically to ensure a smooth ride for our guests and it certainly delivers! From the spacious size of the car with 6 seats in the back to the full leather seats and the design of the car itself offers plenty of legroom so that you can stretch and relax after being cramped in a plane for hours.

The cup holders in the back are perfect for holding your wine, champagne or any other refreshment you might wish for, as you take in the new scenery while Nathan shares tales and fun tidbits of the area. And thanks to the USB charging points, you can power up your devices and let your loved ones know you’ve arrived safely, then find out more about the beautiful countryside of Dorset online. 

That short ride from the airport to the cottage offers a sneak peek into the luxury experience that you will enjoy while you’re on vacation with us. And once you arrive, the real magic begins!

While You’re Here…

We know while you’re here, you’ll love the luxury treatment you’ll get within the cottage. From chef Laura’s delectable meals to the comfy, gorgeous rooms, and the beautiful blooms in our garden. 

But even when you explore beyond our cottage, we make sure you get the same luxury treatment through Nathan’s superb chauffeur services on exciting excursions. You’ll feel like royalty, being driven to Dorset’s most famous museums and historic castles, or on a shopping spree in the city of London, visiting any other sights that you’d like to see on the way, or places that you’d like to visit and explore while you’re here. 

What You’ll Love About It…

Who wouldn’t love having someone who can take the wheel so that they can enjoy Dorset in all its glory? With your hands off the steering wheel and your eyes free from watching the road, you can take in the beauty of nature along the way to whichever adventure you’ve chosen for the day. 

And knowing you won’t ever get lost or have to deal with navigation systems or tiny British roads throughout your vacation? Bliss! 

This means that whenever you go out, you can truly immerse yourself in having a really fun time and indulge in a couple of glasses of wine, champagne, cocktails or beer no matter what time of day it is. So picnics in the middle of the day with some Chardonnay? Someone say, yay! 

You can even enjoy a half-day excursion out on a splendid yacht, out on the waters of the Jurassic Coast to see the sea and beautiful natural landmarks like Durdle Door while you relax on the deck and sip on a glass of Merlot. 

And a bonus of having a personal chauffeur is that everyone can have fun and drink freely since you’ll already have a designated driver who will take you back home safely. This way every day can be a celebration – and so it should be! With nobody in your party feeling left out of having a good time. 

Imagine a gin day in the City of Bath, home of expert distilleries and artisans who have perfected the craft of making a good gin. With so many types of gins to explore, you’re bound to get tipsy and Nathan will be there to take you back to the cottage safely where you can sleep it off in your comfy bed until Laura, your personal chef, serves up the next home-cooked 3-course meal! 

Dorset is a treasure and a marvel that deserves to be admired, with your full attention on each element to really take in what makes this English countryside so spectacularly beautiful. We take all the everyday duties and responsibilities off of your hands to give you the freedom to explore this special piece of heaven on Earth. Nathan, your personal chauffeur, is one of our best examples of that and we look forward to giving you an all-inclusive, luxury experience firsthand. So contact us now and book yourself the ultimate luxury UK vacation for 2023 while spaces are still available.