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Suffering from writers’ block? This holiday takes care of everything for you.

When writers’ block hits, it can feel like you have too many ideas and not enough of them all at once. Lots of writers experience this and find different ways to get out of that funk. 

Maya Angelou pushed herself to keep writing until she wrote her way past a block. Anthony Trollope used a timed writing strategy where he targeted putting down 250 words every quarter of an hour to keep creative blocks at bay. Some writers rely on writing rituals like fuelling up on coffee to get their creative juices flowing, while others put their pens down, take a step away from the paper and do something else until they feel ready to write again. 

Another common remedy for writers’ block is going on a retreat. Being in a new, different environment from your usual surroundings frees your mind and refreshes your creativity. If you’re ever stuck in a rut and feel like a holiday is just the thing you need to get writing again, our English Cottage Vacation is the perfect retreat.

We’ve created a holiday getaway that’s guaranteed to help you find your productivity, motivation and inspiration. Here are a few highlights of what English Cottage Vacation offers to help you feel rested, refreshed and ready to create again.  

An Incredible Location

English Cottage Vacation is the ultimate luxury holiday where you’ll spend your days enjoying the finer things of life at Well Cottage. Located deep in the heart of Dorset, UK, Well Cottage is a beautiful, traditional thatched cottage surrounded by gorgeous colourful blooms, a fresh well-kept lawn, and vibrant trees that enhance the aesthetics of the place and provide the most glorious shade. 

The tranquil atmosphere and picturesque surroundings offer the perfect escape for your mind to roam and unlock new levels of your creativity. In addition to this, you can take part in excursions around the area and feel inspired by all the wonderful things you’ll see along the way.  

Sights That Amaze & Inspire

Writers have the special ability to draw inspiration from absolutely anything. Dorset is home to some of the most inspiring sights you’ll ever see, bound to give you something to write about.  

From castles and ruins that remind you of your favourite historical novels, to beautiful geographical features like the Jurassic Coast, everything here will spur you on to write something as alluring as what you see.

Top-Tier Service

One thing that’s bound to interrupt your creativity flow as you write is doing chores around your home. Sure, a spot of cleaning might help get you out of a rut from time to time, but sometimes you just need a break to breathe and focus on your writing without worrying about dishes overflowing in the sink or a house that needs to be cleaned. 

While you’re on vacation with us, we’ll take care of all the little things like preparing your meals and planning out your itinerary. You’ll have fewer things to worry about and more energy to focus on creating space in your mind, where you’ll find clarity and creativity to envision the stories you want to be writing and sharing. You’d be surprised how free you feel when you’re not weighed down by mundane day-to-day tasks, chores, and cumbersome responsibilities.

Rejuvenating Activities

Sometimes, what your mind needs to start working at maximum capacity again is a relaxed, well-rested body. Thanks to the spa treatments included in our packages, you can get your body into the ultimate state of relaxation so your mind overcome writer’s block. 

You can choose what you’d like from a list of options that includes massages and aromatherapy. Plus, you can opt to experience these in the privacy of the master bedroom or outdoors, weather permitting, with all of the elements stimulating your senses. 

With English Cottage Vacation, you always have the freedom of choice. So if you’d rather curl up on a couch and search for inspiration in the pages of a good book, we have the perfect setting for that in our Snug – one of our luxurious lounges where comfort is guaranteed – and we’ll pour you a whiskey too, if that’s what will take the edge off to find your flow again!

If an adrenaline-filled adventure is what you need to kickstart your creativity, we’ll help you plan awesome excursions like an afternoon hot air balloon for an incredible bird’s eye view of the area or a refreshing, walking tour around Dorset. 

So if you’ve been staring at a blank page and you just can’t find the words to fill it, step away and give us a call to book a luxury vacation that will cure your writers’ block in no time!