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Relaxing At The Cottage

Lazy days… We all need them every so often, to reset, refresh and refuel our energy levels. They’re almost a form of therapy. A rare opportunity to spend the entire day, at home, without frantic schedules or stressful work.

An entire day (or part) simply spent enjoying the comfort of our slippers and leaving the watches on the nightstand, not needing to keep any track of time. We move through the day, moment by moment, led by desire, instead of having to plan ahead and keep up with schedules.

These lazy days are especially necessary at least once during a holiday – it wouldn’t be down time otherwise! At Well Cottage we have kicked the lazy day concept up a notch, to be treated and honoured, instead as a full day of the ultimate indulgence.

This way, you can choose to have lazy days over and over again, to ensure you get back to being the best version of yourself, no matter how many lazy days that takes. We have such a wide array of options for everyone, so whether you’re travelling alone, with friends or with children, we can guarantee, there’ll be something for you.

So without further ado, here is a taste of the many things to do without leaving Well Cottage…

Basque in the joy of being pampered

Sit Back & Relax

Whether it’s a lie in and breakfast in bed, reading a good book or watching the little ones play in the garden while sipping on an exotic cocktail or enjoying the very British cup of tea by the fire, or even let us run you a luxuriously relaxing bath complete with calming music, mountains of bubbles and a glass of wine, let us take care of it all.

We pride ourselves on our attentive personal service, so that you get to leave your worries behind and focus on what really matters, spending quality time together with your loved ones. We take ‘pure relaxation’ very seriously here at Well Cottage.

Spa Treatments (18+ years)

For the ultimate relaxation, take advantage of our inclusive, in-house spa treatments. Choose from our special English Cottage Vacation selection of therapies and we will arrange for a local therapist to specially come to Well Cottage where they will provide your treatment in the comfort of your home away from home’s surroundings.

Make the most of the British day and basque in your pampering outside in the garden! Nature provides a glorious view and the birds will lull you into a trance with their sweet tunes.

Alternatively, enjoy your pamper session in the privacy of your bedroom so you can focus entirely on enjoying your well-deserved treatment. You can choose the location, however you feel on the day.

  • For any treatments, you must be over the age of 18.
  • These treatments are limited to 1 per person for vacations that are 2+ days long.
  • Further treatments will be charged as an extra cost at the discretion of your hosts.

Indoor & Outdoor Games

No matter what the weather may be, there’s never a moment of boredom at Well Cottage with our wide variety of exciting indoor and outdoor games – for both children and adults! It’s always fun to have fun!

Click here for more information about a vacation, spent with your children at Well Cottage.

Arts & Crafts

Discover a new ability! Creativity is a gift we’re all born with, you may just not yet know which artsy lock your creative key opens the door to!

With an array of arts and crafts available to you, discover the Picasso within and be inspired to get your creative energy flowing in the garden room.

So pick up a brush and settle down for an afternoon of painting, card making, kids’ crafts or glitter tattoos (Laura’s favourite)! If you have something specific in mind, let us know and we’ll do our best to provide whatever you may need.

Working Out

Get your heart racing for all the right reasons! With an abundance of exercise equipment, you’ll have no reason not to get sweaty!

Cocktail Making and Drinking

With a wide variety of cocktail making Ingredients, some of which you may have even requested, get involved in creating your very own cocktail, be it your all time favourite or something new with some cocktail making tips from your host and chief barman Nathan! Or better still, sit back, relax and let Nathan dazzle you with his skills and tantalize your taste buds!

Whisky Tasting (21+ years)

We provide the delectable whiskies and you get to sample them. If you have a passion for whisky we can arrange for Aeneas, our whisky specialist, to join you virtually all the way from Scotland. We will arrange with him to send your sample selection to the cottage and beside a roaring fire or perhaps sat in the garden on a summers evening, we will connect you online where he will talk you through your whisky tasting experience. Check out Aeneas’s website here

Food Glorious Food

If you are a self-proclaimed foodie you can choose to let food be the focus of your day with our special food focused days.

With a constant flow of canapés and meals produced lovingly right from the Laura’s Country Cottage you are sure to be blown away with inspiration and satiation on every level.

For an insight into Laura’s cooking and samples menus click here.

Sunny Day Barbeques

Feel the sun on your skin, hear the BBQ sizzling, smell that unmistakable, delicious scent that fills the air, sip a carefully crafted cocktail, see butterflies frolicking amongst the flowers, laugh, joke, chat. And relax – it’s all taken care of!

Glorious days deserve to be savoured, so soak up the English sunshine and spend the day outdoors. From the comfort of your garden, let Nathan and Laura organize the ultimate BBQ, English Cottage Country Style! We have many treats in store for you with this one!

Cooking with Laura

Why not try a spot of cooking with Laura in her country Cottage? You don’t have to be a culinary king or queen to get involved in cooking up a storm!

So whether your children want to help bake a cake, or you would like to take part in the dinner preparations, Laura welcomes everyone who loves to cook, to get in on the action.

Fire Pit

Bring your soul home with the warmth of an outdoor garden fire pit! All of our guests love this one!

Watch the flames dance as the sun goes down. You’ll be kept warm, not just by the fire, but also, a hot cocoa, Irish coffee – or glass of wine as you sit and enjoy the countryside atmosphere by Moonlight.

Movie Night

Picture it – the sweet treats are in abundance, the hot buttery popcorn is freshly made and you’re all cosy, snuggled up on the sofa!

With a TV in every one of Well Cottage’s bedrooms as well as in the living room, there are options of location when it comes to your movie night in, enjoy!