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March - The Soundtrack Of Spring

“Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.”
– Lewis Grizzard

It’s funny how quickly the memory of wintertime fades away every year, as the frost thaws out to uncover springtime in full bloom. The trees suddenly all adorn their bare skin with bright green and emerald ball gowns, softly swaying as they dance in the wind.

The landscape becomes much more vibrant, colourful and – quite literally alive! Another cycle has begun and with each passing moment that comes we are feeling more and more grateful to call this beautiful area in Great Britain, home.

This is the beginning of our English Cottage Vacation year as well – so although we do hope our descriptions are detailed enough for you to experience what we would so love to be sharing with you in reality, you really can look forward to joining us here this time of year! So enjoy the storytelling for now, but start dreaming, planning and packing – our world here nestled in Bedchester, in the north Dorset countryside, of southern England awaits you.

The temperature is lifting and with it we do the same with our snuggly jumpers, finally allowing the sunshine to gift us with some much-needed Vitamin D. The caterpillars are also shedding their winter coats, appearing out of their cocoons while the overwintering butterflies wake up from their five month long slumber in search of early pollen, ready to feel the golden rays welcome them to a new day, a new season, a new way of living.

Little lambs fill the fields like clouds of joy, floating to and fro across their earthen sky. Their heartwarming bleats join a symphony of birds’ tweets to create a wild orchestra of soundwaves playing out across the countryside breeze. Our bird box is now home to a blue tit who has recently taken up residence here in Well Cottage, proudly playing his part in the musical too.

If you’re lucky, you might hear the woodpecker that lives at the bottom of our garden as well. He can be heard chiming in with his calls, adding to the harmony with his recognisable percussion as he drums his beak against the bark of the tree every so often.

Primroses and daffodils respond to this magnificent performance, appearing dressed up beautifully for the occasion, in an array of bright tones and hues. While dandelions and tulips seem to be applauding the show – their petals open out like receiving arms, wide and awaiting the embrace from the plethora of sounds, before they draw their hands together in one appreciative clap, as the evening closes in and brings silence to the surrounding hills. They wait for the morning time to bring the melody once again before opening up their buds to the soundtrack of spring.

This new lease of life brings a noticeable shift in the energy around us and nature is calling everyone out to enjoy her warmer presence. The smiles of our neighbours that we cross paths with on our woodland walks are much brighter, as a perfect reflection of the weather!

As we move deeper into March and with the clocks changing to give us more hours in the day, more time is being spent in the garden with heavenly sunsets enticing us to stay out until the evening chill arrives. We are always left in awe this time of year, for the heavenly spectacle the sky boasts, when she awakens at dawn and curtseys at dusk.

Everyone is getting out, feeling energised and welcomed by the sunny days. The kids’ play park, which is within walking distance of the cottage, is starting to buzz with excitement and laughter again as families spend precious time together as the British weather gets better every day. The children from the village have also started playing in the stream in the woods down the road – another clear indication of the shifting seasons!

For anyone else who wants to get active while having fun in the local area, the tennis courts just down the road from us are brilliant. And with the ground more dry than not, there’s no better pastime than this, with the pleasant weather on our side! The local community tennis courts are available for our guests to use – and of course, we supply everything you need!

Of course, this goes far beyond the tennis courts however. During your stay here with us at Well Cottage, we will be catering to your every need to make this dream holiday one you and your loved ones won’t forget.

After the crazy year we’ve all had, you deserve to indulge yourself, making your first trip away – one to make up for all of the lost time and to fulfil the precious holiday memories we couldn’t make… Give yourself something to look forward to – book yourself in for an English Cottage Vacation.