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Planning Ahead

‘why it’s imperative to book in advance for a bespoke service’

When it comes to choosing a luxury and bespoke service, it’s important to understand just why it’s so important to plan ahead.

It may be a seamless service from the offset, with such an experienced and professional concierge approach from your hosts, but that is precisely the point.

It’s designed to look that way to you, for the worrying of all the details is not for you once you hand over your ideas and desires to your gracious hosts.

They are intentional with every detail, from the moment you are in touch with Laura & Nathan at Well Cottage.  An English Cottage Vacation is the epitome of luxury and service and they are designing so much more than just a vacation.

It takes time to learn about you and your guests, and what would bring you the most joy on your vacation.  It takes time to collaborate and iron out the finer details.  Laura and Nathan are absolute experts in helping you to draw out exactly what it might be that you are looking for.  It’s not always easy to imagine the immense possibilities and so they will spend time ensuring you have all the potential choices illustrated for you so you can imagine it, and they can bring it to life!

A luxury, exclusive and bespoke vacation such as this is quite an investment, and yet one that finds its value in the impeccable design.

That is what English Cottage Vacation prides itself upon, and so the time they can take to craft and create your vision is very conscious and intentional.

One of the most celebrated aspects of your vacation planning with ECV, is that it is quite possible to make ‘almost anything’ a reality, within reason.

Maybe you want to travel extensively during your stay, and explore and eat at as many of the five star or Michelin starred restaurants in the area, and you want to to travel by private car, and be drinking champagne en route.

Maybe you want to fly in by private jet from your recent stay in Edinburgh, Scotland, and you would like to be chauffeured from your landing point direct to Well Cottage and have a wonderful itinerary to visit all the historical castles England has to offer in this part of the country.

We will have more information to come very soon about our EXTRA SPECIAL VIP services that will be available to take advantage off when booking with us, it’s all very exciting!  Think champagne and caviar, think of the finest of experiences…(to be continued!)

You might be timing your stay with a big event that is happening that has captured your interest or indulges you in one of your hobbies or passions.  You might need VIP tickets, or bookings to be made well in advance to ensure you don’t miss any action.  How about Wimbledon, or a Formula One race; an Equestrian or Bird Watching event….it could be anything!

It is maybe your dream to complete all the well known hikes in the area and plan your vacation around exploring the countryside and well known landmarks, with wicker basket picnics on hand and someone to pick you up and whisk you home to the crackling of the fire in The Snug where you can enjoy the top shelf whisky that you have personally requested be available for your enjoyment.

You may wish to stay for a longer term at Well Cottage, and use it as a base to explore other towns and cities, to see West End Shows and explore the array of high end experiences to be had throughout our beautiful country.

I guess what we are really alluding to here, is that you are only limited by your imagination and so booking ahead to get the dates that you want, and to get the perfect design mastered for your vacation….it’s truly best to book ahead and give it time to be created with the magic and expertise, and attention to detail that you now know is possible.

With a luxury yacht captain and chef in charge, you can guarantee they are experienced in the most unusual requests, and pulling them off with absolute style and finesse!

Take a look here inside our ‘ Special UK Occasions ’ page on our website, to get some inspiration if you wish, or click here and request a special advance planning call with your hosts right now, to see just what is possible!