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Honeymooners Rejoice!

Imagine booking an all inclusive, exclusive, and exceedingly private, yet bespoke getaway for you and your betrothed!

Not just your usual honeymoon…

But one where you are catered to in regards to every tiny detail, with every spoil thought of to celebrate this most special time.

A honeymoon where no lockdown matters…in fact; this is precisely the point!

Breakfast in bed everyday?

What if you don’t feel like getting up at all?

How about having your gourmet, personalised meals left discretely at your door so you can stay under the sheets, literally as long as you want to.  Click here and take a look at the possibilities from your own private chef

Every indulgence will be thought of on your behalf, and provided for you within your private & quintessentially quaint, yet luxurious thatched cottage.

Decadent Spa Treatments booked for you and taking place in the cottage, private dining in your luxury robes (no need to get dressed if you don’t feel like it!).

Imagine having celebratory champagne at any time of day, long baths, nights by the crackling fire, five star menus and service.  As much or as little as you desire.  Leave it all to your imagination and your gracious hosts will bring it to life.

Get lost in each other enjoying romantic country walks together, with a delicious picnic or have your private luxury car & personal driver take you to a secluded spot for those al important memories & photos, or simply reflect with some quiet time and see a beautiful sunrise or sunset … whatever your hearts’ desire, this is a dream honeymoon vacation!

No need to let current times ruin your wedding celebrations and stop you enjoying this indulgence!

Your honeymoon is that all important finale to what was your beautiful wedding, and a rite of passage you deserve to enjoy and with English Cottage Vacation as your chosen venue, you can be sure the memories will be unforgettable and so incredibly unique.

Get in touch and let us plan your perfect and private playtime, this is the luxury lockdown edit!