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Luxury Vacation in Britain: Visiting The Wondrous Stonehenge (The Magic & Myth Of Stonehenge)

There comes a time when all we need is just a little bit of magic to remind us that life is a wonderful thing. Luxury vacations at English Cottage Vacation come with that taste of enchantment that makes the stress and worries of reality simply disappear, helping to remind you that you can find beauty and wonder even in the simplest of things. 

That magic is in every plate of food you’re served, cooked with love and the utmost care. It’s in every little detail that goes into creating the perfect room for you to call your home for a while. It’s in the brightly coloured garden that greets you with a rainbow of warmth every morning and bids you a gentle goodnight as the flowers’ petals tuck themselves away for the night. And it’s in every excursion we offer to let you set your adventurous spirit free to roam and explore all the beautiful places Dorset has to offer. 

While there are many places you can visit while you’re here, from historic castles to awe-inspiring landmarks, perhaps the most extraordinary of these is Stonehenge. This mysterious structure of stone is only a stone’s throw away from Well Cottage so you can quickly get to it and we’ll arrange a VIP tour for you without the crowds to experience it, uninterrupted, in all its majestic glory. 

What is Stonehenge? 

When you first hear of it, the prehistoric monument doesn’t sound like much more than a simple stone structure. But the ring of stones standing tall at 13 feet and 7 feet wide, connected by more stones laid horizontally on top is truly remarkable. 

Estimated to date back to 2000BC, Stonehenge has stood the test of time and weathered all kinds of storms, offering a symbol of wonder and strength unlike any other. As one of the most famous landmarks in the country, Stonehenge is considered a British cultural icon that’s a must-have on your to-do list when you vacation here. 

How was it created? 

One of the most fascinating things about Stonehenge is the mystery shrouding its origins. How and why it was constructed remains the subject of many debates. Several theories abound, ranging from scientific to mythical, with regards to this, making great stories for you when you tour the place. 

A popular myth is that the structure is part of Arthurian legend and that the wizard Merlin used his powers to help King Arthur build Stonehenge in memory of fallen soldiers. Another points to Druids as the builders behind the construction of the stone structure. 

What is the English Cottage Vacation Stonehenge experience like? 

We strive to ensure that every single thing about your vacation is a luxurious and spellbinding experience. That includes excursions like this visit to Stonehenge. Nathan, your personal chauffeur, will drive you an easy 45 minutes away from Well Cottage, while Laura provides a selection of treats and snacks packed in a basket for the trip.

In addition to this short, relaxed trip, we can book a VIP tour for you of the incredible site so you can avoid the crowds and enjoy a private guide to share the wondrous history of the place while you get up close and personal with the mythical structure of stone. 

Our luxury vacation allows you to immerse yourself in history and experience marvelous moments hidden underneath the veil of reality. Stonehenge is one of these enchanting locations that is simply part of our reality. We cannot wait to share this magnetic experience with you, in the best way possible. So get your dose of magic by booking a vacation with us and adding a visit to Stonehenge to your itinerary!