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Halloween in Dorset - Spooky season is upon us!

Nothing brings chills and thrills as spooktacularly as the otherworldly season of Halloween in Dorset! We have a sixth sense that this one, in particular, is going to be so spellbinding it is sure to send a chill down your spine! From the long-awaited spooky Hocus Pocus sequel to hair-raising costumes – there are so many fun and thrilling ways to celebrate this season. 

Despite the serene atmosphere crafted lovingly by Mother Nature, Halloween in Dorset can be delightfully petrifying! Whether you’re set on exploring a haunted house until your heart beats right out of your chest, or you wish to feel bewitched by iconic characters from scary stories, Dorset has plenty of such activities to satisfy your craving for all of the October thrills. 

English Cottage Vacation is right at the centre of this enchanting excitement – a luxury 18th-century thatched vacation home where all your wishes and dreams come true! It’s the perfect place to let your hair down after going on hair-raising Halloween adventures.

We’ve collected a series of Halloween tricks and treats in Dorset that you won’t want to miss this supernatural season:

Photo of people dressed as spooky skeletons during Halloween in DorsetAdult Halloween Events In Dorset

Playing Trick or Treat with the kids is all fun and games, but if you’re looking for something a little more appealing than heaps of candy and mellow scary tricks, Halloween in Dorset has plenty of events perfect for you. Among the festivities you can enjoy as an adult are:

  • A Night of the Living Dead

An adventure in Nothe Fort, Weymouth that lets you live out a world struck by a zombie apocalypse. There’s also a web of tunnels that you’ll have to weave your way through while fighting brain-hungry zombies!

  • The Block Party

How do 8 hours of unearthly electronic music, surrounded by lifelike Halloween decorations under the dark veil of the night sound? Spooky, right? That’s the ambience and vibe of The Block Party hosted in the streets of Lansdowne across 6 venues with 40+ DJs and artists featured.

  • Carnival of the Dead

Carnival of the Dead is one of the biggest Halloween Events here in the UK. Circus acts, carnival madness and general Halloween chaos combine to create an unforgettable 4 nights of eerie events. The carnival stretches across 42 venues with more than 80,000+ attendees!

Photo of children enjoying Halloween in DorsetFamily Halloween Events

A family vacation is a perfect time to bond and reconnect with your group of loved ones. Thanks to family Halloween events in Dorset, you can elevate this re-connection experience with some epic scares, such as:

  • Halloween at Adventure Wonderland

What could be better than an immersive Halloween experience where your most magical dreams come true? You and your family can enjoy this interactive adventure in the maze at Adventure Wonderland where dark, epic Grimm fairy tales come to life. You’ll meet the cunning wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, the elusive trickster Rumplestiltskin, and even Hansel and Gretel. 

  • Sealife Weymouth Aquarium

This activity is a chance to experience a more frightening version of the aquarium as you follow a Sea Witch and Sea Warlock through a selection of mythical challenges. You’ll even get a reward at the end of the adventure!

  • Halloween Children’s Trail, Durlston Country Park

With this activity, you can nurture your children’s curiosity as you explore the area, equipped with night-vision goggles to pick out all of the terrifying creatures that lie in wait.

Photo of pumpkins ready to be carved for English HalloweenPumpkin Patches

While carving scary faces into pumpkins seems like a fun, albeit gnarly way to decorate for Halloween, there’s actually a lot of history behind the tradition. The carved faces with lanterns inside were used as reminders of death and used to scare spirits away by the Irish when they immigrated to the United States. 

Dorset has a couple of local pumpkin patches you can visit for a photo-op among the orange messengers of doom. Or pick a few to carve back at our cottage and join Laura as she makes Halloween-themed treats and lots more. These include West Farm in Bincombe, Weymouth, Longclose Farm in Dorset County, and Bickton Manor Farm in Fordingbridge.

Your Halloween doesn’t have to be a gloomy event when there is so much fun to be had in Dorset. Whether you’re all for family activities or solitary adventures, English Cottage Vacation can help you experience a Halloween in Dorset in all its majestic glory! Book your luxury vacation with us during the month of October to enjoy this fantastic melting pot of chilling thrills and thrilling extravagance on your holiday of a lifetime. No matter what your heart so desires, we promise to make all of your vacation wishes come true!