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British Vacation With At-Home Personal Chef Laura - The Foodie Dream!

Food lovers, explorers of taste and those who dare venture into the depths of the culinary world to embark on an exquisite journey of new flavours, textures and traditions – gather here. We’ve got the ultimate foodie dream holiday here at English Cottage Vacation.

We know that one of the things anyone looks forward to on vacation is great food. So we’ve ensured that this important part of the ideal holiday wishlist is fulfilled by your own at-home personal chef with 12 years of experience, and live-in host, Laura Kurton.

The food you eat during a vacation isn’t just a necessity to provide nourishment for the day or to satisfy your hunger. It’s an exploration into the culture of the place you’re visiting and a way to immerse yourself in everything that makes it unique.

After your vacation, you might forget the names of the people you met or a place you visited. But you’ll never forget the taste of a delicious meal or how you felt while you ate it. Even the faint aroma of the food you tasted during your vacation will always take you back to that happy moment.

Where the Culinary Adventure Begins

This love story begins with a piece of paper that is used to map out your upcoming tastebud extravaganza. When you book your stay with us, we’ll send over a form for you to fill in with your food preferences and any dietary requirements. So, for example, if you’d like a strictly vegan menu throughout your stay, this is how you’ll let us know. Or if you simply would like to be only fed your absolute favourite meals, let us know and we’ll organise for that to happen without you having to lift a finger.

Chef Laura then plans your meals for your entire vacation based on the information you fill in. In addition to making your life easier for you, this process allows us to shop for everything necessary in advance of your visit. So by the time you get here, we’re ready to serve you delicious meals that make your foodie dreams come true. 

You’ll also have the pleasure of looking forward to the finest meals while you’re preparing for your vacation, and isn’t that just such a wonderful thing?

A Tasty Sample Of What You Can Expect

While Laura’s menus are often personalised according to each guest’s culinary wants and needs, you can get an idea of what this looks like from our sample menus. We offer three main meals every day, including breakfast, lunch and a scrumptious dinner.

Your days during this British vacation begin with a yummy breakfast served as a buffet, giving you the freedom to take your pick of the glorious spread and eat your first meal of the day like a king or queen. Or you can get a plated meal of something sweet, savoury, or both!

The afternoon rolls in with a light spread for lunch that’s perfect to refuel you while you take a break from the day’s adventures. Especially Laura’s packed lunches of delicious scones, Cornish pasties and a cool drink to wash it down with, which strike the perfect balance between a tasty treat and much-needed nourishment. The evenings wind down in elegant style with luxurious dinners served on the finest candle-lit tables indoors or under the star-studded sky, followed by a mouth-watering dessert to end your day on a delicious note. 

Sweet Treats For Those Special Moments

Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or simply being on holiday? Nothing makes a special occasion even better than cake. Upon your request, Laura will bake a home-made cake, decorated with care and made with love, to make your celebration that much sweeter.

There truly is no better way to say “I love you,” “congratulations,” “thank you,” or to show your devotion to someone (or yourself!) than with a slice of decadent chocolate, vanilla, blueberry, lemon or any other flavour cake.

Lessons In Culinary Art

For a foodie, there’s only one thing better than great-tasting food. And that’s learning how to make these marvelous meals for yourself. If you’re feeling up to it, you can ask to join Laura while she prepares all of her meals in the kitchen. She’ll even host fun and easy-to-follow cooking classes for any children accompanying you on your holiday! 

If you opt to spend some time with Laura in the lovely cottage kitchen, there’s no doubt that you’ll be taking away more than just memories from this vacation. Instead, you’ll be bringing home quintessentially British recipes and fantastic culinary skills that you can use to cook up a storm in your own kitchen, for yourself, your family and friends to transport you back to these special moments spent at Well Cottage through this journey of taste. And that is a treat that you’ll treasure forever!

Food is definitely a love language that we speak fluently here at English Cottage Vacation.  Thanks to Laura’s love for cooking, serving gourmet meals and sharing her passion with others, we know that what you will experience here when it comes to our food will exceed your expectations and satisfy all of the foodie dreams you’ve ever thought possible.

From organic ingredients sourced from the nearby local businesses, to the herbs and vegetables grown and plucked directly from the soil in our own garden – every single step on this journey from seedling to serving, is done with love. Our sweet dishes say we care about you, while our savoury meals offer comfort that no words can. So pack up that huge appetite and give us a call to book your spot. We’re ready to serve your heart’s desires on a silver platter!