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Luxury UK Vacation: The Meaning Of The Appanage Holiday

A luxury vacation can mean different things to each one of us. To some, it’s endless days of sunny skies with a 100% chance of wine. To others, it’s the splendorous experience of being waited on, hand and foot. And to others, it’s an adventurous experience where the sky is not the limit but only a starting point of all the beautiful things that they can be part of.

We define our unique luxury vacation as the ‘appanage’ holiday because we go deep down into the farthest reach of possibilities of what luxury truly means. It’s where even the wildest of dreams become reality. Where expectations are exceeded and every aspect of your vacation is taken care of with meticulous attention to detail. Where everything is on your own terms, from how much privacy you want to what kind of pampering you’d like. And it is where you get royal-like treatment so you can truly enjoy this ultimate gift of supreme luxury to yourself or your loved ones.

Luxury at English Cottage Vacation means being looked after the way you want. Your hosts, Laura and Nathan, take pride in taking care of everything you need. From the fine feasts they serve to the wonderful personalised luxury experience they create for you. 

Dine Like Royalty

Imagine a vacation where exceptional meals prepared by a professional chef are a guaranteed part of the package. Can anything top that? Well, English Cottage Vacation does!

During the booking process, our guests fill in a form with details of their food preferences; from dietary restrictions to other specifics about what they’d like to eat during their vacation with us. Using that information, Chef Laura crafts a personalised menu filled with the finest cuisine fit for a king or queen.

Taking away the task of deciding on meals every time you want to eat is part of the luxury experience we offer. Because it’s proof of how well we know you and how dedicated we are to serving you meals we know you’ll love.

Your Chariot Awaits

One of the best things about our luxury vacation is that you get a chance to live on the extraordinary side of life. Even something as ordinary as going on a drive into town becomes something magical with our touch of luxury.

Your English Cottage Vacation package comes with a personal chauffeur, Nathan, who’ll drive you wherever you need to go in style so you’ll really feel like you’re sitting on a throne. Nathan also knows plenty of fun tidbits about the history of Dorset and you can ask him to share these with you for a truly immersive experience. 

Regal Service

We’re always ready to serve you with a smile in whatever way you’ll need. Whether you need us on hand in the early days of your arrival while you settle in and adjust or you’d like the freedom of finding your feet on your own, we’re here to make sure you experience your luxury vacation exactly the way you imagined it.

No matter what your heart so desires, we’ll make it happen. From pampering sessions that help you relax to epic adventures that you’ll never forget, everything here comes wrapped in luxury. 

Our take on a luxury vacation is an experience you’ll never forget. From unforgettable meals filled with extraordinary taste and cooked with love – to hot air balloons, yacht days out and shopping sprees in the Roman city of Bath, or the bustling, energised city of London – guided by your personal hosts and driven by your own chauffeur! We’ll ensure this is a holiday to remember! Book your spot now to come and experience the appanage holiday at English Cottage Vacation.