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The Dream Walking Vacation For Walkers & Hiking Enthusiasts

Walking and hiking are nature’s therapy. They’re energising activities that lift your spirits the further you walk and the higher you climb. They both sharpen your mind, calm your body and renew your spirit. At the end of the trail or when you’re standing tall with the world beneath your feet, you feel brand new and ready to seize the day. 

So you’ve walked every nearby trail you could find and hiked all the mountains in your area to satisfy this craving to keep moving? Well, how about going on an active vacation where you can simultaneously relax and keep moving onwards and upwards as your next adventure?

You might think we’re a little biassed when we say Dorset is the best vacation destination ever – but hear us out! English Cottage Vacation’s location offers a combination of outstanding walking routes and hiking ranges! That means after an amazing day of walking through the woods and climbing hills and mountains, you’ll get back to some serious pampering in our English thatch cottage; from a hot bath to soothe the aches and pains of the day’s activities to a yummy, warm meal to comfort you from the inside out. 

When you book a luxury active vacation with us, we’ll ensure that you have the freedom to explore the English countryside of Dorset the way you want by supporting you, right from the planning stage, so that we can make the whole experience effortless on your part – to the moment we drop you back off at the airport. 

Of course, getting up close and personal with nature during a walk in the woods or on a guided hike aren’t the only things you can enjoy here if you love an active vacation. If you fancy something a little more relaxed and not so out of the way, you can hit the pavement instead and take a walking tour through the tiny hamlet of Bedchester where we’re located to Fontmell Magna, the small village that is just under one mile away from Well Cottage. In this wonderful little place, there is everything you may need, from a small corner shop with a post office to the parish church,  which is believed to date back to the late 15th century! You can also grab a bite to eat and a local ale at the traditional English pub here as well, for the full British experience! 

Alternatively, if you wanted to venture farther afield, you could walk to the beautiful market town of Shaftesbury, which is a few miles north of Well Cottage This town was built around the Shaftesbury Abbey, founded in 888 by King Alfred. It was once one of the richest religious establishments in the country before it was destroyed in 1539. Now Shaftesbury is known as being home to Gold hill, a steep cobbled street, which was made famous in the 1970’s thanks to Hovis bread’s TV advert.The charming village of Cheddar is one of the amazing places you can explore this way and take your exploration to greater heights by climbing Jacob’s Ladder while you’re there to see the amazing view at the top. 

Some places are made for walking so you can fully appreciate every little nuance that goes into it and Dorset is certainly one of those. There’s so much to see in this quaint English countryside, from historic buildings and landmarks to people who are just as memorable as the English culture that you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing while you’re here. For example, you can walk around the Cotswolds and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature with picturesque views. Or stroll around the castle ruins in the area as you immerse yourself in the rich history of this glorious land. 

If you’re up for going up on guided hikes and exploring the area that lies beyond our nearby forests and small towns, we will gladly take you in your own personal luxury van with your private chauffeur and host, Nathan, leading the way. We also pack picnic lunches for these occasions, complete with champagne if you’d like to make the walk all the more fun! Another area of natural beauty that we love to take our guests to is Cranbourne Chase. There are so many gorgeous, scenic walks and hiking routes here but we especially recommend Win Green. This is the highest point on Cranbourne Chase at 277m (909ft)! This is so high in fact, it is considered a landmark with a majestic family of trees all standing proudly atop its peak.

Meanwhile, another one of our highly recommended walking and hiking routes is Hambledon Hill. This is a prehistoric, Iron Age, hill fort owned by the National Trust and it boasts just splendid views, making the reward of getting to the top all the more sweet. If your children or grandchildren will be accompanying you, we can take the wonderful circular walk which we will guide you on if you wish, where we can find lots of exciting Geocache ‘treasures’ along the way.

Call us to find out more about booking your next vacation with us and we’ll help you walk as far and climb as high as your heart desires.