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Why Dorset’s Night Sky Is Perfect For Spectacular Stargazing

At the end of the day, when the sun has gone down and night is setting in, there’s no greater joy than stargazing. The twinkle, twinkle of a little star brings a sense of serenity beyond compare as it glows along with many others, scattered all through the firmament.

A starry night is beautiful anywhere, but the view in Dorset is simply sublime. Thanks to the clear skies and the low levels of artificial light that leave the stars to truly shine as the highlight of the show, gazing up at the glittering sky in Dorset is a special kind of bliss.

Because Dorset is largely still a countryside with simple infrastructure that doesn’t steal away nature’s limelight, it’s the perfect place to go when you want to be at one with nature. If stargazing is the kind of laid back, peaceful excursion you’re interested in, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best spots to gaze upon nature’s prettiest jewels.

Top 10 Stargazing Spots In Dorset

While the view of the star-studded sky is gorgeous from any part of Dorset, there are some special spots where the simple night sky with stars scattered across it turns into a breathtaking wonder of nature. 

Badbury Rings Car Park (National Trust)

This is an officially recognised stargazing location with overnight parking, so you can enjoy the stellar display to your heart’s content. The best part about this place is getting a chance to sleep under the stars, dazzled by the jewel-like lights filling the sky. 

Cerne Abbas Giant Viewpoint

The small car park may be surrounded by trees and bushes, but these don’t obscure your view of the gorgeous star-studded sky. Instead, they shield the area from passing car lights so you can enjoy the beautiful view without any distraction from light pollution.

Durlston Astronomy Centre & Observatory

The centre is located at the Durlston Country Park and has a huge telescope, perfect for stargazing. Lots of stargazing events are also hosted there by the Wessex Astronomical Society for those who want to learn more about the wonder of the night sky filled with stars.

Fontmell Down Nature Reserve 

Nature-lovers will love this Shaftesbury-based reserve! During the day, you can explore the local nature reserve, then enjoy a breathtaking view of the sky at night with the stars shining bright and the beauty of nature surrounding you.

Isle of Purbeck Viewpoint

From this viewpoint, you get a scenic vista encompassing the Dorset coast. Combined with the star-filled sky, this creates a fantastic view you won’t soon forget.

Lambert’s Castle (National Trust)

Although this is a secluded area due to the woodlands within, there’s an open field just a little way away where you can enjoy the open sky. It’s there where you’ll get a perfect, unobscured view of the bright stars sprinkled across the dark sky.

Maiden Castle Car Park

From this point, you can see the stars clearly thanks to how far it is from the lights of Dorchester that would obscure the view otherwise.

Ringstead Bay (National Trust)

The car park provides access to an incredible view of the skies at night. Even though camping is prohibited in this area, you can still enjoy stargazing overnight from the comfort of your car.

Tibbs Hollow Picnic Area

A beautiful, scenic picnic destination by day and a fantastic stargazing viewpoint by night, Tibbs Hollow picnic area is truly a cut above the rest. You can carry a basket full of goodies to enjoy just before sunset, then wait for the sky to darken and the stars to appear without having to move at all.

West Bexington Beach Car Park

The highlight of this area might be the beach but, for stargazers, the 24hr-accessible car park takes the cake. Parking there is free after 6pm, just in time to see the stars twinkle into view.

Our Very Own Star

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