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Cottage To Castle: Enjoy Amazing Day Trips To Historic British Castles

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed in a place where you can relax, unwind and refresh with stunning scenery. There are few better places to enjoy a day’s getaway than Dorset. This history-rich county located in the southwest of England is the perfect place to unwind and recharge while exploring magnificent British castles. 

English Cottage Vacation has amazing offers to help you enjoy these breathtaking monuments in Dorset, along with delicious meals made just for you by Laura, your dedicated personal chef. Your day trip kicks off at our luxurious Well Cottage, which is an exclusive 18th-century home-away-from-home where you will be immersed in the traditional British experience. Nathan, your dedicated driver, will whisk you off to the fabulous castles of your choice from the incredible selection on offer in the area.

Modern-day work schedules for all of us, employees and business owners alike, are intensive and exhausting, making taking quality time off essential! Relax in a magical world with a luxury vacation in Dorset where you can visit amazing British castles and take a trip through England’s fascinating history. Read on for more details of the many castles you can see in and around Dorset during your fabulous English Cottage Vacation stay.

Windsor Castle 

The most famous castle on our list is Windsor Castle, which is just a 3-hour drive from Well Cottage where you can peek into the life of the royals. The largest and oldest occupied castle in the world, which still remains an official royal residence for His Majesty the King, boasts one of the most aesthetically pleasing architectures in its Georgian and Victorian design. 

Founded by William the Conqueror way back in the 11th century, a thousand years of uninterrupted royal history lie within the castle walls. You can take a trip to see this castle any time as it is open to visitors throughout the year.  

Highclere Castle

Photograph of Highclere Castle which is one of many British castles guests of English Cottage Vacation can visitTo visit Highclere Castle is to experience 17th-century British architecture at its best! This awe-inspiring Victorian castle sits in the middle of a 1,000-acre estate. 

Highclere Castle also boasts a beautiful park designed by the most famous figures in the English landscape garden style which has been developed over the years with climbing roses, penstemons, geranium and agapanthus. This magnificent building is also, of course, the set of the award-winning television series, Downton Abbey.   

Corfe Castle

Towering above the village and civil parish is Corfe Castle, one of the oldest castles in England to be built partly using stone. This 11th-century monument now stands as a ruin preserved by the National Trust to keep it available for entering and viewing by visitors. 

Corfe Castle, also built by William the Conqueror, is one of England’s most frequently visited castles, receiving 237,000 visitors in 2018 as a testament to its enduring majesty. The fabulous fortress sits on a hilltop offering a mesmerising view of the lush countryside around it.

Lulworth Castle

Photograph of Lulworth Castle which is another famous British castleLulworth Castle is a symmetrical beauty with a set of four crenellated turrets which make it “look the part” if it ever needed to with its imposing stonework. Originally built as a hunting lodge in the 17th century, Lulworth Castle was crafted in the revival fortified castle style built for Thomas Howard, the 3rd Viscount Howard of Bindon. Although the castle’s 18th century Adam-style interior was devastated by fire in the 20th century, it has since been restored and now serves as a museum. 

Dunster Castle

A short drive to Somerset takes you to view the magnificent Dunster Castle, originally built in the 11th century on a raised motte surrounded by a walled courtyard. This monument now stands as a fortified country house on the Tor, a steep hill with large green trees surrounding it to give it an atmospheric country feel.

Arundel Castle

Photograph of Arundel Castle amid greeneryHigh on a hill in West Sussex stands the spectacular Arundel Castle. Towering above stunning grounds, it’s perfect for a stroll or a picnic surrounded by beautiful gardens. 

During your day trip, you can explore the castle’s interior and learn all about its intriguing history going as far back as the year 1067. A walk around the gorgeous gardens afterwards will be the perfect way to wind up your visit before you head back to the lavish comforts of Well Cottage. 

Highcliffe Castle

Romance and architecture meet at Highcliffe Castle, which is located in Christchurch near Bournemouth and overlooks the sea. From this Gothic Revival castle, you can enjoy unforgettable views across the sea towards the Isle of Wight. Highcliffe Castle is a popular place where many functions and exhibitions are held every year — a testament to its remarkable beauty that never fails to draw in the crowds.

Wardour Castle

Photograph of Wardour Castle ruinsWardour Castle is another ruined fortress set in Wiltshire’s verdant, serene and romantic countryside. Constructed in the 1390s, it has all the charm and beauty of the idyllic area in which it is located. 

A visit to this castle is perfect for a couple looking for a romantic getaway or a family looking for an adventurous day out. There’s plenty of space on the grounds for a picnic, and glorious views from the top of the castle itself. 

Final Word

History, magic and wonder combine in our English Cottage Vacation castle excursions! With so many options to choose from, there’s every reason to join us here in Dorset for a luxury vacation and days out discovering the castles of your choice. If this sounds like something you’d love to experience, get in touch right now to book your exclusive British vacation with us!