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Twitchers! Make Well Cottage Your Nest For British Bird Watching

Birds of a feather flock together! And what better place to flock to than a cosy traditional thatched cottage in the scenic countryside of Dorset, where you’ll find a variety of birds in all shapes and sizes? It’s the perfect place for British bird watching!

Well Cottage is right in the heart of rural England — an enchanting home-away-from-home with a rustic look and a comfy, modern interior. Bright, beautiful, fragrant flowers surround the cottage, adding a burst of colour to the place to brighten your mood, all accentuated by the delightful scents wafting up from the different blooms.

With such a heavenly mix of things that indulge the senses, is it any wonder that English Cottage Vacation is the luxury retreat of choice for anyone looking for a place to get away from it all and reconnect with nature?

And you know what else loves the kind of peaceful, colourful surroundings our cottage has to offer? Birds, of course! Many different types and species all flock to the area and the surrounding countryside, making Well Cottage a prime spot for birdwatching. 

Bird Species In Dorset & Where To Find Them

One of the best things about Dorset is that it has a diverse range of environments where many different types of birds live and thrive. From the lush countryside and hedgerows to the ancient woodlands and beautiful seaside stretches, Dorset is home to a variety of local, migratory and coastal species. Here’s a list of some of the best spots for birdwatching in Dorset and the types of birds you’ll spot there:

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Photograph of a bird to illustrate British bird watchingThe Royal Society for the Protection of Birds manages no less than five reserves in Dorset, including Garston Wood, Arne, Lytchett Fields, Radipole Lake and Lodmoor. Some of these have nature trails and viewing points from where you can see woodland birds like the Great and Blue Tits, while others offer a less structured experience surrounded by nature. 

These two species, although sharing many similarities in appearance, have slight differences that set them apart from each other, like the size and darkness of their plumage. They are generally found in Dorset’s woodlands — but they’ve also been spotted in the gardens at Well Cottage along with dozens of other types of bird. 

You can also find them on farms and wetlands where they happily settle down if they find a lot of food. Both Great and Blue Tits stay close to home and do not migrate, so you have a better chance of seeing them hanging around in their natural territory when you visit Dorset.   

Poole Harbour

Photograph of an osprey with wings outspread about to catch a fish in waterA recent project to re-establish the Osprey species on the south coast led to a number of them being relocated and released in Poole Harbour. If you’re lucky enough, you may well spot one of these magnificent raptors there.

The harbour is a great place to visit if you want to see some coastal birds that flock to the harbour as well when winter sets in. These include geese, swans, curlews and avocets. You can even spot kingfishers, spoonbills, redshank and many more at low tide. 

Thanks to available boat cruises, field trips and guided walks, you can learn all about the bird life in the area — if this is something you’d love to do, we can make it happen for you!  

The Isle of Portland

Most times, migrating birds first arrive on the Isle of Portland in Dorset. As such, it’s a great place to see rare and wonderful species during their migration journey while on your British bird watching vacation. 

The surrounding cliffs are not only a beautiful sight in themselves but are also a great place to spot breeding seabirds such as razorbills and puffins. 

Christchurch Harbour

Another stopping point for migrating species, Christchurch Harbour is an awesome bird watching site with a wide range of habitats. As you check off birds on your list, you can enjoy the refreshing vibe of this outdoor attraction and take lots of amazing pictures of the birdlife and the stunning area.

Various Gardens 

Photograph of a black bird sitting on a branchPopular for their melodious song, Blackbirds are some of the most loved in our area. They’re a common sight in the gardens of Dorset, adding their sweet harmony to the verdant surroundings. 

One of their adorable traits is how they cock their heads to the side and listen for earthworms. Besides this, you can identify them through the black body, yellow bill and yellow ring around the eye in males and the dark brown body with streaks on the chest and throat in females. 

Another garden visitor is the Starling. Colourful as the gardens it loves to visit, the purple, green and black Starling is often seen in a flock during winter, flying over Dorset’s farmlands. Their homes are usually nests made in holes in trees and buildings too.

Final Word

Connecting with nature is an amazing way to refresh and rejuvenate, especially when that connection involves seeing beautiful, brightly-coloured birds and hearing them burst into song. 

Luxury awaits you here with our fantastic English Cottage Vacation packages that give you access to fun and fascinating activities like British bird watching around Dorset. 

Plus, there are so many other options to choose from on our list of excursions — see what birds hang around the royal Windsor Castle, Downton Abbey’s Highclere Castle, Stonehenge and more. Want to see anything else that’s not on the standard list? We’ll do everything in our power to arrange it for you.

Nathan will be your dedicated chauffeur, while Laura will pack delicious picnic goodies from her cottage kitchen so you’ll never go hungry while you’re out on your British bird watching adventures.

So book your stay with us for a truly luxury British vacation and enjoy an ornithological experience like no other!