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Shutterbug? Snap Your Best Photos Ever During An English Cottage Vacation

Lights! Camera! Action! 

An image on your phone isn’t just an array of pixels coming together to create a visual. It’s a treasured memory captured and forever immortalised to remind you of a precious moment whenever you look at it. 

Even the random selfies you take “just because” hold a special place in your heart. So imagine how much more memorable photos you take in spectacular spots would be? Vacation photos are often the best ones and if you’re a shutterbug, you’ll absolutely love taking photos in Dorset during a luxury vacation.

English Cottage Vacation certainly fits the bill – an exclusive bespoke luxury vacation where you’re wined, dined and pampered like royalty. Headed up by two attentive live-in hosts – Laura and Nathan – this luxurious British countryside retreat also gives you the opportunity to enjoy iconic excursions to the most picturesque spots. There you can (and will!) make loads of memories and take fantastic pictures to capture those special moments forever. 

Here’s a list of just some of the many incredible spots for award-winning snaps around Dorset:

Jurassic Coast

No vacation in Dorset can ever be complete without a trip to see the Jurassic Coast. This is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in our area and it’s a World Heritage Site. 

Not only is it a wonder to behold the magnificent structures sculpted by Mother Nature, you are literally witnessing Britain’s rich history immortalised in stone. These awe-inspiring formations and the world-famous Durdle Door yield spectacular images for your own personal record and to share with family and friends back home or the wider public if you’re a professional photographer.

Thanks to our partnership with Jurassic Charters, we can organise a day trip for you aboard a yacht to see the Jurassic Coast from the water while you’re treated to a luxury experience of a lifetime. 

Bournemouth Beach

Nothing beats beach days when you’re on vacation! To lie on the warm sand and dip your toes in the water is absolute bliss.

And there are all the gorgeous photos you’ll be inspired to take! Bournemouth is everything a beach should be and more, with a fabulous seaside view and endless opportunities to enjoy the tranquillity of solitude, plus some solo selfies with a gorgeous background behind you and no crowds photobombing your perfect image.

Corfe Castle

If the walls of Corfe Castle could talk, they’d regale you with historic tales of how they came to be one of the most famous ruins in Britain. A picture of this atmospheric site will definitely say a thousand words about your magical trip through British history. 

Partially destroyed during the English Civil War of the 1600s, the fallen fortress is the perfect place for a stroll if you’re a history buff and want to learn more about the rich ancient history of Britain.

Highcliffe Castle

While we’re on the subject of castles, Highcliffe is another deservedly famous example. The castle itself is incredible to behold, but the mature gardens surrounding it are the true star of the show.

They’re the perfect place for a picnic with a basket full of goodies from Laura’s kitchen. So you can take some gorgeous selfies snacking on some fresh fruit or baked goodies and sipping some fine wine or a refreshing beverage amidst the gorgeous blooms.

The Blue Pool

If you love natural beauties, The Blue Pool is the place for you. The lake is in a secluded area, surrounded by woodland with waters that seem to change colours due to the way light refracts differently off the minerals in the water.

You can capture the most amazing photos of the lake and the beautiful surroundings too as you explore them during your adventure with English Cottage Vacation.

Kingston Lacy

This imposing country mansion was built during the 17th century. One of its key features is the expansive country surrounding, giving visitors plenty of room to explore, plus lots of opportunities for awesome photo-ops.

Within its walls, Kingston Lacy holds classical art and a fascinating collection of Egyptian artefacts. And on the outside, the gardens are a work of art in themselves, perfect to simply take in during a stroll or to settle down in and enjoy tea or a pre-packed picnic courtesy of Laura.

Studland Nature Reserve

The reserve is located just behind the coastline with trails ideal for a leisurely stroll and the perfect spots to see and take pictures of wildlife like deer and many species of birds. The area also fills up with wildflowers during summer, painting the reserve in bold, bright colours.

West Bay

You may know West Bay from the popular TV series, Broadchurch, which was filmed there. The area is a shingle beach with a great fishing spot nearby, cliffs you can hike, and a serene vibe you can enjoy with friends, family or on your own as you bask in the sun and take in the views.


Sherborne is like something from a postcard – a quaint town surrounded by vibrant green valleys and hills, perfect for taking drop-dead gorgeous photos. The beautiful cottages that fill the town are part of the charm of the area and the vibrant marketplace brings a strong sense of community that will make you feel like you belong there among the food stalls, traditional British pubs, cafés and little shops.

Lyme Regis

Also known as the Pearl of Dorset, Lyme Regis is a charming seaside town brimming with history. It’s a wonderful place to stroll through as you explore its many charms. 

One of the best activities to try there is fossil hunting, and the secluded nature of the area makes it the perfect place to lose yourself in your own thoughts and take your time framing those breathtaking photos.

ECV Excursions

We know how precious adventures are when you’re on vacation, so we include fun excursions of all types in our packages. Whether you want something that challenges you physically or an activity that helps you relax, there are lots of day trip options you can explore recommended by us. 

There are plenty of popular spots close enough to us that you can walk there and spend the day exploring a new place and others a little further out. But not to worry, Nathan will always be on hand to drive you wherever you want to go in style in our comfy client vehicle. You can take in historic landmarks like Stonehenge and learn about the enduring mystery behind the ancient structure, or visit Highclere Castle to see the filming location of the world-renowned series, Downton Abbey, or pay a visit to the charming city of Bath with its historic Roman baths. 

Those adventures are the ideal opportunity to take a whole bunch of breathtaking photos as souvenirs of your trip so you never forget the many wonders you’ve been privileged to see.

Final Word

A memorable luxury British vacation awaits you in the enchanting countryside of Dorset. Where you can capture special moments and beautiful places with your camera, to remind you of all the amazing times you had. All you have to do is book your unforgettable English Cottage Vacation right now… and then get ready to wow the world with those fantastic photos!