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Museums In Dorset: Enjoy A Luxury Educational UK Holiday

Museums in Dorset are abundant and fascinating – and now you can have a truly luxury educational UK holiday while you’re here!

At English Cottage Vacation, we strive to create a holiday experience that transcends all others. Your vacation with us, of course, has all of the basics, but we go above and beyond to offer supremely comfortable bedrooms and cosy bedding in your 18th Century English thatch cottage, nooks where you can relax and be served your favourite whiskey or cocktails made by your live-in host Nathan or enjoy the great outdoors from within the space of your own spectacular garden! 

Then the food – gourmet, home-cooked cuisine by your own personal live-in host and chef, Laura or indulge in a real British pub experience – and nobody will need to be nominated driver, as you have your own private chauffeur, also Nathan, during your entire stay here with us. Nathan will be at hand to take you on a variety of excursions to pick from that we know are unique to this area and are only the best experiences to be had. All of these unique aspects, that you won’t find anywhere else, are what make English Cottage Vacation such a special experience. 

We created English Cottage Vacation to make your trips way more than a chance to refresh in a new and luxurious setting, but also an opportunity to have an immersive experience. This means you get to live and breathe the English culture, traditions, history and lifestyle. 

One of the fun ways to do this is through excursions that champion all four of these and more. Museum visits, in particular, offer an in-depth insight into everything that there is to love about Dorset, UK. Thanks to the flexibility of our packages and how we offer a completely tailor-made, all-inclusive, personalised experience, you can easily turn your luxury vacation with us into an educational UK holiday and nourish your mind while we nurture your body and soul. 

There are plenty of museums in Dorset not too far from us just for that. We’ve grouped them into sections to give you a clearer idea of what kind of educational experience you’ll get with each one for easier decision-making when you book your stay with us. 

Art Museums

Photo of a section of the Russell Cotes Art Gallery & Museum which is one of many museums in Dorset EnglandIf you’re a huge fan of art, you’ll appreciate the wide range of art museums in Dorset. In these, art in its many beautiful forms is presented to spark your curiosity and creativity, as well as inspire and educate you. 

Some of the art museums and galleries you can visit in Dorset are the:

History Museums

Photo of a section of the Museum of East DorsetBritain is one of the world’s richest locations when it comes to history. There’s so much to learn and unpack about its beginnings and everything that happened to make it the wonderful place that it is today. 

History museums are a dime a dozen in Dorset. This includes:

Military Museums

Photo of historic military hardware the Tank Museum in Dorset EnglandMilitary history buffs will delight in the spectacular military museums in Dorset. Not only can you read about the wars and epic battles that play a key role in British history, but you can also see artefacts from the actual battles, pictures and footage and feel like you’re on the battlefield too. It’s perfect for kids to also get a truly immersive history lesson in a fun way. 

Some of the best military museums in Dorset that you can visit are:

Science Museums

Photo of exhibits at Dinosaurland Fossil Museum in Dorset UKWho says you can’t learn anything while you’re on holiday? In the science museums in Dorset, you can learn about dinosaurs and take pictures next to fossils of the fascinating pre-historic creatures. 

Some of Dorset’s science museums are:

An excursion to any of these is perfect for any group of travellers, whether you’re visiting with kids or alone.  

Children’s Museum

Museums might not seem like a fun place for the kids, but Dorset has some unique ones that are sure to flip that script around. While most of the museums in Dorset mentioned above have some elements that may be appealing to the kids, there’s one, in particular, that’s perfect just for the little members of your family. 

Photo of exhibits at Dorset Teddy Bear MuseumThe Dorset Teddy Bear Museum is home to Edward Bear and his entire family of life-sized bears. This collection of teddy bears is an absolute delight to observe and consists of antique teddies and some modern favourites in all shapes and sizes. If you aren’t travelling with kids, you can still visit this museum to take a journey back through memory lane and spoil your inner child. 

Excursions are an essential part of all our holiday packages. Because we believe that exploring the beautiful countryside of Dorset is an enriching adventure that adds to the luxury experience we aim to create for all our guests. Whether that Dorset exploration involves hiking nearby mountains, driving into town for a shopping spree, or visiting a museum for an educational experience, we’ll make it your best adventure yet. Give us a call to book your spot and we’ll create the luxury vacation of your choice.