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The Science Of Booking Holidays In Advance

We’re often told to practice positive thinking in all things. While it seems impossible to look on the bright side in certain scenarios, there’s some merit to it. It’s a deceptively simple principle that packs such a powerful punch that it can change your mindset and your life. 

In our world of travel and luxury vacations, we see this power manifest in guests booking holidays in advance. Everyone knows the basic benefits of booking a vacation early; from awesome early bird deals to a wider range of holiday options. Plus, having more time and flexibility to pay off your booking in installments, save up for free flow spending or do your research on the area so you can plan everything well! 

But besides all those, the biggest benefit of booking early is having more time to look forward to your holiday. Funny as it may seem, there’s actually scientific research backing this one benefit of booking your holiday in advance as the most valuable.

The Mood Boost

According to one study done in 2015, looking forward to something positive in the future is a great mood booster. At English Cottage Vacation, we can’t help but agree with this. There is this rush you feel as you cross dates off your calendar, counting down to the day when you can leave ordinary life behind and escape into holiday adventures. 

On our end, the feeling is totally mutual. While having guests booked in advance gives us plenty of time to prepare our cottage and carefully plan an amazing itinerary for their visit, it also gives us something great to look forward to. From the anticipation of meeting new people to the chance of sharing everything we love about Dorset, you can bet we’re happily crossing dates off our calendars too and eagerly counting down until our guests’ arrivals.

Photo of man relaxing at airport to illustrate booking holidays in advance

Light At the End Of the Tunnel

The COVID-19 pandemic plunged the world into a dark place, mired by anxiety, fear and many other negative feelings. Although the worst seems to be behind us, the healing process has been slow and most of us are still trying to claw our way out of the depths of that dark time to return ourselves and our lives back to normal. 

Now, more than ever, is when we need as many positive things as we can find to keep us going. The opportunity to travel is one of those things. Especially because travelling was banned during the pandemic. 

But now that the ban has been lifted, we can go back to planning vacations and looking forward to exploring new places. The anticipation of this is a great thing to look forward to, to keep your mental health balanced when you have a bad day. It helps to know that brighter days are coming, thanks to the assurance that comes with having your holiday booked well ahead of time. 

You can even get through a tough spot by focusing on all the things you’ll do and places you’ll visit during the vacation you’ve already booked – and we’ll give you a lot to get excited about

Looking Ahead For A Better Today

When you have an optimistic future to look forward to, you’ll feel better about the present, even if you’re going through a rough patch at the time. It’s the assurance that, for the most part, that optimistic future is set in stone so you can bring yourself back down to earth and shift those feelings of anxiety into excitement. 

And while thoughts of the future often lead us to spiral from the anxiety of what could go wrong, when you have something like a vacation that’s set to go right, it makes you feel better about the future and in turn, about the present. 

Planning well in advance of time is essential for us as hosts. It allows us to get every single detail of your vacation right and get early bookings for you on special excursions like the upcoming 2023 VIP Stonehenge and High Castle tours. In fact, we’re limiting availability for our 2023 booking to just 12 weeks so that our English Cottage Vacation experience is all the more exclusive, but also absolutely necessary to book in advance! 

With such an exclusive offer, we’ll have lots more time and energy to completely dedicate ourselves to our guests and ensure that they get the highest level of quality of our English Cottage Vacation. So, in order to avoid disappointment here, make sure you don’t leave this booking until the last minute! Give us a call today and book your spot for the most luxurious, quintessentially British, all-exclusive vacation. We are counting down the days until we can welcome you!