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Testimonial by

Judith K

August 2022

Our English Cottage Vacation at Well Cottage truly exceeded our expectations in every way. Boy, did Nathan and Laura spoil us! We have stayed at five star Relais Chateaux before, but our week in the idyllic English countryside at Well Cottage with Nathan and Laura took the meaning of luxury and service to another level. They are consummate professionals who tended to our every need and want with good humor and smiles. Laura’s gourmet cooking was always amazing. I don’t know how she always pulled these meals off with such elegance in not only the food, but the artistry of the table settings themselves. Nathan’s selection of wine was always spot on. Every meal was a scrumptious gastronomic feast for both the stomach and the eyes!

Their yard was beautiful, and just relaxing in it was a lovely part of the whole week. There are so many places in it to sit, relax, read, watch/name the birds (Nathan’s specialty!) We found ourselves exhaling our stress as soon as we got to the cottage. As hosts, Nathan and Laura are very skilled at being around when something is needed, and not being around when they sense you are just relaxing. Everything they do for you is done with caring and wanting to make sure you have everything to make your week warm, fuzzy, and luxurious!

Our week at Well Cottage was tailor made to suit what we wanted to see and do. It was a magical combination of Nathan’s chauffeuring us to sites we wanted to visit, Laura’s elegant meals and picnics, watching the gorgeous sunset at Cranborne Chase, walking around the road and paths by the cottage, relaxing with a drink, bugging Laura while she is cooking (she was always welcoming to this!). We absolutely loved our stay at Well Cottage, and we can’t thank Nathan and Laura enough for making our stay so special. It was truly much more than we had every hoped or thought it would be in every single way.

Thank you to our new friends, Nathan and Laura, and for your talents in making Well Cottage the very special place it is. I am hoping Well Cottage will be in our future again.