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Testimonial by

George & Brenda Lewis

June 2022

From the time that Nathan picked us up from the airport to the day sadly, we had to return home, this was an amazing vacation. Entering the cottage was like turning back the clock. So beautifully furnished and comfortable. Laura does a wonderful job of serving delicious elegant meals every day. Nathan manage our daily trips without rushing and with lots of information along the way. There was always a picnic basket on board filled with some of Laura’s culinary delights. We had several relaxing picnics along the way. We had picnics in a park, on the beach, in a field even in the van because it was too windy. So much fun to have the table all set with special china etc. and Nathan serving us. Our vacation was teamed with visits to several senior relatives that we had not seen in many years. Nathan planned our trips to see them and that picked us up later. Our second “special” day was an incredible lunch prepared by Laura at the cottage to celebrate our 61st wedding anniversary. Complete with a beautiful cake baked of course by Laura . Of cause there was champagne. Nathan and Laura have thought of everything . We had an amazing time and I hope to possibly take my grand children there one day to see the country their grandparents once live. Brenda and George Lewis Napa California