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Testimonial by

Art K

August 2022

English Cottage Vacation – where do I start with this experience! I had seen Downton Abbey and visited Buckingham Palace, I had heard the stories of British tradition and I was drawn into it all – but I wondered what life is like in a small English village? That is just what we learnt staying with our passionate Nathan and Laura at Well Cottage. The gorgeous English countryside, its small towns, forgotten castles and lush estates were just the start of what English Cottage Vacation had to offer!

This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend a week exploring their world while staying in a traditional and delightful English cottage. The options of what we could do were huge, but they included, a week of activities (you can choose between utter relaxation or adventurous activities out and about). Exploration trips to see the magnificent British sights for all natural majestic structures to history filled castles and abbeys dating back to the English civil war and before.

We also got to visit world class English gardens and estates and England’s magical Jurassic Coast.

Then, the food! This is a week of all-inclusive elegant dining which included all of our menu preferences and dietary requirements. And when you’re out and about you’re also catered to with luxury picnics and champagne – we even got to experience the atmosphere of a real English pub lunch out!

Everything about this week was amazing, from the supreme luxury of the thatch cottage with its charming garden, intimate living rooms and elegant bedrooms (we were even able to get a massage one afternoon from home). And to top it all off, the comfortable travel with our own personal chauffeur just took “being looked after” to a whole new level with our Mercedes 3-row 7 seat SUV waiting to pick us up from the airport, taking us everywhere we wanted to go during our stay and returning us again.

I feel like this was more than just a holiday, but a real experience and memory I’ll hold forever, of learning England in a deeper, more meaningful way. One of the best unique, luxury experiences I’ve ever been on! Thank you so much Nathan and Laura for our fabulous stay