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June 2023 Newsletter

We’re bursting with excitement to share our June 2023 edition with you! Grab a cuppa, relax, and dive into a world of picturesque English charm and luxury!

Summer has well and truly arrived, and we’ve got something very special lined up! Last-minute bookings for our superb 7-Night Set Itinerary are now open, offering you a blend of history, grandeur, and sheer beauty. Hurry, the dates are filling up fast!

Dreaming of a festive winter getaway? Start planning with our ‘Festive Pre-Christmas’ experience. Snuggle up in Well Cottage as the scent of pine fills the air, and let us curate a very merry tailor-made holiday just for you!

Looking ahead, we’re excited to introduce our 2024 Mixed Cottage Retreats. Experience the joys of our customised, all-inclusive vacations while making lifelong friendships. And, don’t forget, we cater to all dietary needs, ensuring a delightful gastronomic journey with us.

Meanwhile, Well Cottage is a riot of colour with the summer blooms and our roses are the stars of the show. Come share in this delightful season with us!.And to tempt your taste buds, Laura has shared her delectable Shrimp Tagliatelle recipe – a surefire hit at your next dinner party.

In we go!

well cottage1

Imagine yourself here, sipping on your favourite drink, relaxing in the sun and
breathing in the fresh air with not a worry in the world!

well cottage garden furniture2 well cottage garden

In this month’s newsletter…

  • Last-Minute Summer Offers Available
  • Festive Pre-Christmas Experience
  • Introducing Mixed Cottage Retreats, 2024 Availability!
  • A guest shares their experience with us!
  • Dietary Preferences and Customisations
  • Well Cottage Summer Update
  • Laura’s Zesty Shrimp Tagliatelle Recipe
  • Guest Reviews and Photos
  • FAQ Highlight: What does ‘exclusive’ use of the cottage mean?
  • Our Final Thought
Longleat House1

Snap Up a Sizzling Summer Steal for Your Dream English Cottage Vacation

We’re delighted to present to you some incredible last-minute exclusive 2023 booking opportunities! With special rates for the summer months of July and August, it’s the perfect moment to rally your favourite people for an English getaway like no other. All you need to worry about is securing your flight tickets!

Get ready to unearth the history of Sherborne, marvel at Corfe Castle’s arresting ruins, and bask in the grandeur of the Roman City of Bath. Let us whisk you away on handpicked excursions to sights like Longleat House (pictured above). Highclere Castle (below) and Stonehenge, and into the heart of the bewitching landscapes of Thomas Hardy’s country and the mesmerising Jurassic Coast.

See our full 7-Night Set Itinerary – CLICK HERE!

Highclere Castle1

The cherry on top? As usual our packages include our round-the-clock VIP service, tailor-made culinary experiences by Laura, an exclusive stay in our luxurious 18th-century thatched cottage, and Nathan’s personal chauffeur service!

Choose from our exclusive, Flagship Tailor Made
or 7 Night Set Itinerary Packages.

We have a handful of 2023 spots available on the following dates:

Summer Availability:

  • July 20th – 27th
  • July 28th – Aug 4th
  • Aug 15th – 26th (flexible dates of your choice)

If these dates don’t align with your schedule, fret not! We have some flexibility until the slots fill up. Reach out with your preferred dates!

As for our fully inclusive ‘reduced’ prices, here they are:

7 Night Set Itinerary
2 people: $12,500 USD per couple (average $6,250 pp)
4 people: $17,500 USD for the entire group (average $4,375 pp)
6 people: $21,600 USD for the entire group (average $3,600 pp)

Of course, you can also opt to book an entirely tailor-made experience based on everything YOU specify (with our expert support, as always) – no set itinerary! This is our deluxe, exclusive ‘Flagship Experience’ where your every whim becomes reality!

‘Flagship’ Tailor Made
2 people: $13,500 USD per couple (average $6,750 pp)
4 people: $19,000 USD for the entire group (average $4,750 pp)
6 people: $24,000 USD for the entire group (average $4,000 pp)

Remember, all of the above rates include absolutely EVERYTHING from the moment Nathan picks you up. Now, how you and your group split the total package price – that’s up to you! Don’t delay – make your dream vacation a reality!

Hoping to stay in October?

We also still have some availability in October and we’d love Well Cottage to be full with the energy and laughter of wonderful guests like you!

October is a wonderful time of year, the cottage garden is still overflowing with colour and vibrance, and whilst the days are starting to get shorter, October is a great month to squeeze out the last goodness from the summer months during the day whilst snuggling in front of the roaring fire in the evenings and chatting about the exciting day had by all.

Be sure to ask about our October offers below!!

Reach out to us now – CLICK HERE!

Gallery: Scenes From Divine Dorset

jurassic coast

Above, the gorgeous Jurassic Coast; below, the Roman City Of Bath – Excursion Day 5!

Embrace the Magic Early: A Festive Pre-Christmas Adventure Awaits You!

ecv christmas regent street london

Christmas cheer on Regent Street, London

With the year already half spent, it’s the perfect time to start dreaming about a magical pre-Christmas escape!

Picture yourself nestled in the comfort of Well Cottage, as the crisp English air fills with the sweet scent of pine and anticipation for the coming festivities.

Here at English Cottage Vacation, we’ve curated an unforgettable ‘Festive Pre-Christmas’ experience. It mirrors our deluxe all-inclusive ‘Flagship Package’, enabling you to truly “leave your wallet at home!”. This package allows you to savour the charm of Dorset in the lead-up to Christmas, where twinkling lights illuminate households, and festive cheer pervades the decorated villages and towns.

Now, you may be thinking, “But I want my getaway to be uniquely tailored to my preferences.” Well, you’re in luck! While we do offer a sample 7-night itinerary on our website, this is by no means a rigid plan. You see, our Festive Pre-Christmas experience, much like our Flagship Package, is completely flexible and customisable to your liking.

This allows you to dictate the number of nights you wish to stay, and we’ll curate the perfect, customised itinerary for you, just as we do for our summer retreats.

Currently, these experiences are exclusive bookings, meaning the entire enchanting Well Cottage is all yours for the duration of your stay. However, watch this space – we’re considering introducing mixed retreats in the future.

And remember, England in winter is absolutely enchanting! The crisp days evoke a truly festive feeling that goes hand-in-hand with the many festive events and heartwarming joy of the holiday season. We can’t wait to share this special time with you!

well cottage christmas1

The Snug – one of three exquisite reception rooms in Well Cottage

Discover Our Shared Cottage Retreats!

  • New Friends and Unforgettable Memories Await:
  • 2024 Dates Released and Open For Booking!

We’re thrilled to introduce our 2024 offerings! Our special, all-inclusive luxury Shared Cottage Retreats provide the perfect opportunity for solo travellers or couples to experience the delights of our English Cottage Vacation while making lifelong friends in the process. And all this with the bonus of reduced 1 -2 person prices.

You’ll have your own private room and bathroom, but you’ll share unforgettable experiences with like-minded travellers, all while enjoying our top-tier services. From gourmet meals tailored to your dietary needs to our fabulous guided excursions led by our dedicated chauffeur Nathan, everything is designed to ensure your stay is nothing short of amazing.

We offer three fabulous rooms:

Bedroom One: A king-size bed, en-suite shower room, and breathtaking garden views –
$9,500 USD (single occ)
$11,000 USD (double occ)

ecv bedroom1 aug23

Bedroom Two: A queen-size bed, en-suite shower room, and scenic countryside views –
$6,500 USD (single occ)
$9,500 USD (double occ)

ECV Bedroom 2

Bedroom Three: A queen-size bed or 2 singles, private adjacent bathroom, and soothing countryside views –
$4,500 USD (single occ)
$6,500 USD (double occ).

ECV Bedroom 3

Your week will be packed with hand-picked excursions that encapsulate the best of England. Explore Sherborne’s charm, marvel at Corfe Castle, delve into Bath’s Roman history, experience Highclere Castle (hello Downton Abbey fans!), and soak in the mystique of Stonehenge. Then, immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes of the Jurassic Coast and Thomas Hardy’s country.

Since sending you our recent Mixed Retreat email we have already taken a few bookings. But if you are still interested in securing a room, here’s what’s left!

July 22nd – 29th 2024
Bedroom 2 available
Bedroom 3 available

August 23rd – 30th 2024
Bedroom 1 available

Excited? Reach out to us right now and tell us which room and dates you want to book!

We can’t wait to meet you and create unforgettable memories together in 2024. Remember, this mixed retreat package isn’t advertised on our website yet, so seize the opportunity while you can!

Book my 2024 Shared Retreat Now!

well cottage aerial3

“A Fairytale Come True”: Cherished Guest Testimony

Here’s a first hand account of what one of our treasured guests said about their Shared Retreat with English Cottage Vacation this month.

An English Fairytale Vacation

I am an Anglophile…and an art historian with a focus on English art and architecture. Over the past forty years, I have traveled to England 24 times for both my profession as an academic museum curator and on vacation. England is the place I most love in all the world.

In the spring of 2022 I was getting ready to retire from my university professorship when I ran across an advertisement in a magazine I take called Britain. It was for English Cottage Vacation. I was immediately intrigued with the information presented and began an email correspondence with you. I was so very pleased when as a single person I was able to join four other like-minded folks at Well Cottage from June 2 through 10, 2023.

I chose the set itinerary because of the unique offerings of private tours and inclusions offered. Even though I had been to Highclere, Bath and Stonehenge before, the private tours provided by you far surpassed my earlier visits. The special guidance from Nathan offered during his marvelous drives around were a real highlight. An evening private tour if Stonehenge walking among the stones was amazing. The walking tour of Bath with an expert guide fulfilled all of my hopes for this visit. I discovered many places I wouldn’t have sought out on my own…this was especially true for the Jurassic Coast and Lulworth Cove.

The quaint but luxurious cottage offered the lodging and comfort of a top hotel. The cuisine was beyond comparison and full of delightful and delicious surprises Laura included in all of her delectable creations.

This week was truly an exceptional experience and exceeded all my expectations. Being privately ferried to all the sites in a luxurious vehicle, staying in one place without having to uproot every day or so and most of all the marvelous company of Laura and Nathan made this trip the highlight of all my England adventures.

I have organized and accompanied tours to England but this experience was far and away the tops! Even the VIP reception at the American Embassy when the exhibition I curated (Victorian Fairy Painting) opened at the Royal Academy in 1997 pales in comparison.

If you want a quintessentially English experience that is a fairytale come true, please do visit Well Cottage.

Pam x

ecv guest Pam2 ecv guest Pam1

Feast Fearlessly: We’ve Got Your Dietary Preferences Covered

We understand that a delectable menu and delightful dining experience are integral parts of an unforgettable vacation. Here at English Cottage Vacation, we take great pleasure in customising every meal according to your specific needs and desires. We relish the challenge of catering to all dietary requirements and preferences, aiming to tickle your taste buds while ensuring your dietary needs are taken care of.

Whether you’re gluten-free, celiac, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or have ANY other dietary restriction or allergy, we’ve got you covered. No need to fret about finding options that work for you – we’re well-versed in tailoring our culinary offerings to meet a wide range of dietary needs.

dining experiences 14

Plus, we don’t just stop at your meals. Have a particular drink you fancy? A high-end tipple you’ve always wanted to try? We can arrange that too, subject to availability. The UK, with its rich history and cultural influences, has a vast selection of unique and diverse beverages for you to savour. Your desired tipple is likely just a request away.

We want to stress that no request is too large or too small, and absolutely nothing is an inconvenience. We’re here to create a bespoke vacation experience that caters precisely to your tastes and needs.

If you’ve hesitated about visiting England because of food concerns, let us put your mind at ease. Our dedicated culinary team prides itself on turning any dietary requirement into a gourmet feast that will have you savouring every bite. We’re here to ensure your English Cottage Vacation is delicious in every way. Rest assured, you won’t miss out on any of the joys of English cuisine – or even your preferred tastes of home – when you stay with us!

Read About Laura’s Country Kitchen!

See it for yourself – this is a glimpse of the perfect
cottage garden, lunchtime setting!

Sun-Kissed Roses and Summer Blooms: An Enchanting Update from Well Cottage

ecv well roses

The original and still working well that gives Well Cottage its name

As the days continue to stretch into perfect summer afternoons, our beloved Well Cottage is putting on quite a spectacular show! We’ve bid a fond farewell to our resplendent alliums which have gracefully completed their bloom cycle, making way for a burst of fresh, vibrant colour. Our new summer baskets, a colourful parade of blossoms, have been hung around the cottage, adding even more enchantment.

Meanwhile, our roses have seized the spotlight. In hues from the softest pastels to the most vibrant reds, these classic beauties are blooming in full glory, their sweet fragrance enveloping the cottage in a scent that’s as inviting as an English summer itself.

The Dorset countryside around us is also a sight to behold! Verdant, sun-drenched fields stretch out as far as the eye can see, kissed by the warm golden rays of the sun. Quaint village homes stand nestled amidst nature, their charm only enhanced by the lush greenery and stunning hues of summer blooms. And with clear blue skies overhead, it’s as if the whole landscape is caught up in a summer daydream.

We’ve been blessed with a streak of blistering sunshine over the past few weeks, and our guests have been thoroughly enjoying it. Whether it’s sipping tea in the garden, basking in the sun, or embarking on picturesque countryside walks, the sublime weather has made every moment even more enjoyable.

As ever, we can’t wait for you to come and share in the splendour. Summer is truly a season of delight at Well Cottage, and we look forward to welcoming you to our little slice of paradise soon!

well cottage front1

Recipe of the Month: Laura’s Zesty Shrimp Tagliatelle!

Indulge in Laura’s delectable Shrimp Tagliatelle, a unique and sumptuous dish that’s bound to impress at your next dinner party! This irresistible seafood pasta, bursting with fresh flavors and a spicy kick, is the perfect main course for any sophisticated gathering.

Shrimp Tagliatelle
(Serves 10-12)


Shrimp Sauce:

  • 3 ½ tbsp (50ml) olive oil
  • 160g smoked ham or smoked bacon, chopped.
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 5 cloves garlic, diced
  • 3½ tsp paprika
  • 2 red peppers (julienne)
  • Fresh thyme sprigs (lots)
  • 330g of flaked crab meat – preferably fresh but can use canned (use 2 bags of shrimp if unavailable)
  • 1½ tbsp tomato paste
  • 1½ cup (375ml) white wine
  • 1½ cup (375ml) passata sauce
  • 5 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped
  • 1½ tsp Tabasco sauce (optional)
  • Salt & pepper
  • 750g raw shrimp, peeled and cleaned
  • 1½ cup (375ml) cream (optional)


  • 750g fresh egg tagliatelle


  • 3 limes, cut into wedges
  • Home-made Parmesan crisps


Heat oil in a large saucepan. Add ham, onion, garlic, paprika, red pepper, and Thyme. Cook until onions are glossy.

Stir in shredded crab meat, tomato paste, white wine, Ragu, Tabasco sauce, salt & pepper.

Turn off heat. Add shrimp and parsley, stir gently, cover.

15 minutes before serving, turn heat back on and stir shrimp sauce until shrimp are cooked.

Add cream and heat for 1-2 minutes. Remove thyme sprigs.

For pasta, half fill a large saucepan with water, add a dash of olive oil and salt, bring to the boil. Add pasta and simmer until tender but firm (3-4 minutes). Drain, return to pot with extra olive oil.

To serve, place pasta in bowls, top with shrimp mixture. Garnish with lime wedges. Serve with lightly roasted cherry tomatoes and optional extra Tabasco sauce and grated Parmesan. And enjoy!

laura's zesty shrimp tagliatelle

Haven’t Heard From Us? That’s Unusual!

We always respond to enquiries within 24 hours and usually much sooner. Occasionally we don’t receive any further response from enquirers. This could be for a number of reasons and sometimes it is because our emails get sent to spam folders.

If you are still waiting for a response from us please check your spam/junk folder as we may be stuck there or please get in touch with us again. We’ll never simply ignore an inquiry!

ecv garden furniture gorgeous

A gorgeous evening in the garden – the perfect time for cocktails!

Reviews and Testimonials

You know what really warms our hearts? Reading through the kind words and shared memories of our wonderful guests. Nothing beats the joy of knowing we’ve played a part in creating unforgettable holiday experiences!

These first-hand accounts are the real McCoy, each one a snippet of the amazing stays our guests have had, and your assurance that we’re committed to making your vacation equally top-tier.

Please do take a few moments to check out what real people are saying about us – it’s the most reliable indication of what you can expect to experience here!

Remember, we’ve got you covered with our secure and accommodating booking process and our understanding cancellation and rescheduling policy. For that extra confidence, don’t forget you can find us – Appanage Vacations Ltd – on the UK Government Website ‘Companies House’.

Eagerly awaiting the day we get to read your rave testimonial (it’s a given, right?! ALL our reviews are 5 stars!) after you’ve enjoyed the bliss of a luxury stay with us in beautiful Dorset!

ecv guests1

Above and below, treasured guests full of the joys of Well Cottage!

ecv guests3 ecv guests4 ecv guests2

Frequently Asked Questions: Featured FAQ

Q: What does ‘exclusive’ use of the cottage mean?

A: ‘Exclusive’ use of Well Cottage means having your very own slice of paradise in the beautiful Dorset countryside that you don’t have to share with anyone else. When you book an exclusive experience, whether you’re a solo traveller, a couple, or a group of six, the entire cottage is yours and only yours. This means you can utilise all three bedrooms, or just one – it’s completely up to you!

Nathan and Laura will be solely dedicated to ensuring your comfort and making your stay an unforgettable one. They’ll be there for you, ready to attend to your needs, help plan your day, or just have a friendly chat. Schedules are completely flexible because the hosts are entirely at your disposal.

Obviously, the more people in your booking, the more cost-effective it becomes. However, if you’re a couple or an individual who values private time, an exclusive booking offers a fantastic opportunity for you to relax, unwind and be pampered like royalty in your own serene, private space.

To view our other Frequently Asked Questions, CLICK HERE!

ecv garden furniture1

Our Final Thought…

“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.” – William Butler Yeats

These iconic words encapsulate the spirit of Well Cottage. It’s filled with countless memories of wonderful people we’ve had the privilege to host. With every shared meal, every hearty laugh, every exciting excursion, bonds are formed, and strangers become friends.

It is the magic of these moments that make Well Cottage more than just a place to stay; it’s truly a place where lifelong friendships are born.

So many of our former guests have become our dear friends – a testament to the enchanting atmosphere of our Well Cottage. It’s the friendships, laughter, and shared memories that turn a holiday into a homecoming. We can’t wait to meet you and count you among our ever-growing circle of friends!

Much love as always,

Nathan & Laura

Laura & Nathan with guests