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For Your Eyes Only!

Adult Only Holidays at English Cottage Vacation

There are so many reasons for enjoying an adult-only vacation, that is not just limited to leaving your children at home for the peace and quiet!

You might want to embark on a historical adventure to learn about the past and the cultures of an area, without boring your kids. Maybe you want to enjoy more physical outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, sailing, golf, countryside living and bird watching or nature photography, and gathering memories to last your lifetime. Maybe you want to enjoy fine dining and read those books you have been collecting, and just relax in a peaceful and luxurious environment, venturing outside only when you feel the call to stretch your legs. Take a peek here at some of what is possible.

These holidays can be by yourself, with your special someone or even with your select group of adult friends – however it looks like for you, we have the perfect private venue and the epitome of all inclusive, exclusive and bespoke service to offer, all wrapped up under a beautiful thatched roof!

The whole point of a vacation is to relax and recharge in a way that relaxes YOU and recharges YOU, and we pride ourselves in having the ability to suit everyone’s requests, so that they are indeed absolutely personal. This truly is a holiday where it’s all about you.

As parents, you are likely looking for a way to reconnect with each other and forget many of the stressors that come with the tasks of parenting on a daily basis 24/7! You can still love your kids just as much from a distance, and the break can enable you to refuel and reconnect with yourselves and each other so you might return super refreshed and energised for your kids. It’s a vital part of parenting that not enough people feel confident to request or indulge in. We can offer you the perfect respite to hideaway and recharge however you so desire.

Maybe you don’t have children and want to ensure your getaway is child free so you can enjoy some couple time. It is absolutely essential to the health of a relationship and keeping it strong, imagine having time to talk and laugh just the two of you, with no interruptions. Is there anything more romantic than an English Cottage in the beautiful countryside? Nights dining under the stars or curling up together in front of the fire in our Snug with your favourite wine, and a delectable cheeseboard or indulgent dessert. Lazy mornings in bed with breakfast served to your door, or dining in the garden room still in your luxury robes…it sounds like heaven!

Even if you are in a group, there is plenty of opportunity for time together and apart, and with full time hosts taking care of your every need, both inside and out of the cottage, you can relax in a way you might never have before!

There is no segregation of couples trying to divide up the roles of running a vacation, planning where to eat, how to book, is there availability…or should you eat in and what shall you cook and who then has to clean….urgh! No thank you, you’ll be retiring to the Snug or the garden, not the sink!

You’ll even have beautifully dressed tables for every meal and to us at English Cottage, it’s these finer details that really make the difference. You deserve these spoils and more, so it’s time to indulge and give yourself permission to enjoy switching off from the demands of usual daily routines.

A fully hosted experience provides you every aspect of your holiday, completely taken care of so you don’t have to.

That exclusive restaurant you wanted to get into….booked before you even arrive.

The menu…already designed with your personal preferences catered to, no matter any differences or dietary requests. Take a look at our sample menus and food gallery to whet your appetite now.

And what about the excursions you would like to include…booked and planned for you with your private vehicle at the ready thanks to your private driver! And that means no designated drivers on this vacation either, nor trying to secure an Uber in the middle of the countryside. You can have a look here at just some of what is possible.

You can all relax with the ultimate VIP treatment!

So there you have it….we think that’s a whole heap of reasons why an adult vacation is calling you to our delicious cottage in the stunning Dorset Countryside.