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Bath & The Roman Baths

The city of Bath dates back to before the romans arrived in 60AD, who then went on to build a roman temple and baths in the valley and the city began using the name ‘Bath Spa’. The city is extremely beautiful in that all the buildings were built using the same local stone. It is also the main set location for the popular Bridgerton Netflix series.

There are many things to do here including exploring the Roman Baths museum and Pump Rooms, relax at the city’s modern Thermae Spa or stroll around Victoria Park. Visit the world famous Royal Crescent, Jane Austen centre and look around Bath Abbey which was founded in the 7th century.

Enjoy the shops and/or have a drink in a pub then grab a bun from Sally Lunns while listening to the infamous ‘Bath Busker’ musicians. Bath offers so many varied things to do on a day trip and we haven’t mentioned shopping!

Bath & The Roman Baths
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