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Why Cottage Holidays For Families With Young Children Are A Perfect Choice

Cottage holidays for families with young children have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a unique and memorable experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Whether you’re looking for a vacation from the US or just a simple UK-based break in a pretty village, holiday cottages can offer more than just a few days away.

This article will explore why cottage holidays are so well suited to families with young children.

We’ll be discussing potential benefits such as giving parents more control over their holiday environment and offering opportunities for bonding through shared activities.

Let’s dive in!

Home-From-Home Experience

The old adage ‘Home is where the heart is’ rings true for many families with young children. Cottage holidays offer a home-from-home experience, allowing grown-ups and their little ones to enjoy all of the benefits of a holiday whilst still feeling comfortable in familiar surroundings and a child-friendly environment.

The convenience factor when travelling with small children should not be underestimated; cottage holidays provide child-friendly cottages that are both cost-effective and flexible.

Additionally, being able to self-cater means that parents don’t have to worry about struggling to find food suitable for even the pickiest eaters – simply pack up their favourite snacks or make meals as desired. With this type of holiday, families can relax knowing they will avoid any potential issues associated with unfamiliar restaurants or eateries.

Even better is a cottage holiday with a live-in chef! English Cottage Vacation in Dorset is one prime example: co-host and resident gourmet chef Laura prepares delicious meals to suit all tastes, even for the youngest of guests. This means you won’t have to spend a moment of your family getaway doing grocery shopping or cooking meals – everything is laid on, day and night!

Flexible Accommodation Options

The home-from-home experience of cottage holidays makes them an ideal choice for families with young children. Flexible accommodation options also make them a desirable option.

Cottage holiday providers are able to offer affordable rates, tailored packages and various other services that can be tailored to the family’s individual needs, such as providing extra beds or cots if needed. These holiday homes come in all shapes and sizes and offer a fantastic selection, ranging from traditional country cottages to more modernised cottage accommodation.

Furthermore, many of these properties have an enclosed garden or outdoor area which provides a safe environment for small children to play and explore. For example, English Cottage Vacation’s Well Cottage has a large hedged enclosed garden with green lawns and lots of trees, providing plenty of space for the little ones to have fun. 

This improved safety & security provides peace of mind while parents spend quality time during their vacation.

 Cottage Holidays For Families: Improved Safety & Security

Cottage holidays provide improved safety and security for families with young children. Many cottage owners will childproof the premises to ensure that younger guests can enjoy their stay without danger or risk of injury. This may include providing appropriate gates at stairways, latching cupboard doors and windows, as well as covering electrical outlets.

The natural beauty of a cottage holiday is also enhanced by the fact that they often come with more outdoor space than other types of accommodation. For example, many family-friendly cottages such as ours offer an enclosed garden and lawn in which children can play safely away from roads and traffic noise. Moreover, some properties may even include access to swimming pools or play areas where families can spend quality time together under supervision if needed.

Another benefit of choosing a cottage over other forms of accommodation is the increased privacy that comes with renting an entire property rather than individual rooms in hotels or guesthouses. This means that parents don’t need to worry about loud noises disturbing other guests late into the night; instead, they can relax knowing that their young children are free to express themselves within the confines of their own home-away-from-home.

With these advantages taken into consideration, it is clear why holiday cottages are perfect for family holidays with young children looking for a safe and secure break away from home life. 

Photo of English Cottage Vacation Well Cottage - an ideal cottage vacation for families with children

Range Of Outdoor Child-Friendly Activities

Cottages for family holidays with young children are the perfect choice due to the range of outdoor child-friendly activities available.

Nature walks provide an opportunity for children to explore and discover new things about their environment in a safe way. At English Cottage Vacation, the whole area around Well Cottage is ideal for family strolls or cycling, with country lanes, wooded areas and open fields.

There is plenty of scope for younger members of the family to enjoy physical activity outdoors without having to worry about traffic. Activities such as cycling and playing games like rounders encourage healthy habits early on in life and help them develop coordination skills.

The beauty of cottage holiday locations lies in the ability they give parents to tailor-make experiences that suit all ages – whether it be taking part in organised events such as treasure hunts; or simple pleasures like watching animals grazing in fields nearby. These unique opportunities allow families to leave behind everyday pressures whilst still creating meaningful memories together which will last a lifetime.

This makes holiday cottages ideal for family holidays with young children who wish to take advantage of diverse outdoor activities tailored specifically to their needs. The facilities provided also allow for additional flexibility when it comes to being able to prepare meals – something else that helps make these types of trips special for any age group.

Ability To Prepare Your Own Meals

Outdoor activities are not the only benefit of choosing a cottage holiday for families with young children. Family holiday cottages also offer parents more control over their holiday environment and meal planning, thus allowing them to tailor the experience to their family’s needs.

In terms of meal preparation, most family holiday cottages come equipped with kitchen facilities that include all necessary appliances such as ovens, hobs, microwaves and fridges. This means that meals can be cooked in-house rather than relying on takeaways or restaurant food.

Furthermore, some family holiday cottages may even provide basic pantry items such as salt, pepper and oil which further reduces the need for grocery shopping during your stay. Additionally, many family holiday cottages will have access to nearby markets where fresh produce can be purchased at reasonable prices.

This allows parents to plan nutritious meals for their families without being limited by what is available from restaurants or cafes in the area; something which would otherwise require extra time and money when staying elsewhere. It also gives parents greater flexibility regarding mealtimes since they don’t have to wait for service hours or book tables beforehand.

As mentioned, English Cottage Vacation’s co-host and resident chef Laura prepares all meals using only the best organic ingredients sourced locally and from her own garden!

This means families with young children can enjoy home-cooked meals without disrupting their daily routine while still enjoying a change of scenery on holiday. Moreover, they know exactly what ingredients went into each dish providing peace of mind around allergies or dietary requirements.

More Control Over Your Holiday Environment

Holiday cottages present the perfect opportunity for family holidays with young children to gain greater control over their holiday environment. By opting out of a traditional, planned getaway and instead choosing a self-catering holiday, parents can ensure that all family members’ needs are met in an atmosphere tailored to their specific requirements.

Moreover, this kind of holiday often comes at reduced costs compared to other types of accommodation, enabling families with young children to make the most of their budget while still enjoying quality time together.

The homely appeal of family-friendly cottages also makes them ideal for those seeking a more relaxed approach to vacationing than would typically be available elsewhere. With convenience and privacy guaranteed, families will find they have access not only to comfortable facilities but also ample space both indoors and outdoors – allowing them to enjoy activities such as barbecues or simply spend some time playing together in the enclosed garden without worrying about disturbing others around them.

This freedom provides an excellent platform for creating meaningful memories within the comfort of familiar surroundings – providing invaluable bonding opportunities through shared experiences unique to each individual family. This further emphasises why family-friendly cottages may be considered superior options when it comes to vacations with young children.

Photo of Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset - one of many great excursions to be enjoyed on a cottage holiday for families

Opportunity For Bonding Through Shared Activities

Holiday cottages offer a unique opportunity for family holidays with young children to bond through engaging activities. Taking part in interactive, stimulating and fun experiences can be an effective way of creating quality time as a family and making lasting memories.

An example of this could be seen at our cottage holiday in Dorset where one of our recent families took part in visiting the Jurassic Coast. This experience was rewarding on multiple levels; it provided physical exercise, educational insights about local wildlife, and most importantly, allowed parents to spend valuable time connecting with their kids.

Activities such as these are invaluable for providing entertainment while also developing problem-solving skills and increasing confidence alongside fostering closer relationships between parent and child.

Many family-friendly cottages like ours have access to communal areas or gardens that provide plenty of scope for outdoor pursuits like badminton, football or even treasure hunts which can ensure everyone has something enjoyable to take part in regardless of age or ability level. Additionally, there is usually ample space inside, so if the weather isn’t ideal, there are still plenty of board games to choose from or craft projects that require minimal materials but maximum imagination.

Adults planning cottage holidays should consider what kind of activities appeal to all members of the group. This will allow them to tailor-make their own itineraries based on individual interests whilst providing shared moments that bring enjoyment and emotional connection alike. With careful consideration, it’s easy to create an enriching stay suitable for all ages – one that will remain fondly remembered long after returning home.

Cottage Holidays for Families: Final Word

Holiday cottages provide family holidays with young children the perfect opportunity to bond, relax and enjoy quality time together.

With a home-from-home experience, flexible accommodation options, improved safety, outdoor activities and ability to prepare meals (or have them made for you by your very own chef!) – cottage holidays offer greater control over one’s holiday environment than any other type of vacation.

Whilst offering plenty of opportunities to explore new places, cottage vacations give parents the chance to create lasting memories with their little ones through shared experiences that will be cherished forever.


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