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April - Easter eggs hunts and the arrival of the Bluebells

This is a special time of year. Spring is now in bloom and we aren’t the only ones who are delighted – the little lambs in the surrounding fields are also feeling the joy of the new world that is emerging. Although we’ve just said goodbye to winter for now, we have already started preparing for the year to roll around again, by cutting and stacking wood for the colder months. This is just something that we adore about the shifting seasons here in Dorset England, that everything changes so much, so gracefully and you move with these changes, almost like you’re part of the dance of nature’s rhythm.

One of the most noticeable differences that we’re seeing, compared to the previous months, is definitely the sunshine! There’s nothing quite like stepping into the year’s first glow of golden goodness and feeling the long awaited warmth caress your skin. Taking in a deep breath and filling your lungs with the pure, fresh, British country air that genuinely rejuvenates you from the inside out.

We always make this time of year memorable for our guests, ensuring that the magic is not forgotten. In the true English tradition of waking up to all things sweet on Easter Sunday, an exquisite, beautifully decorated egg cake can be arranged and devoured for everyone to enjoy as a delicious treat that pairs perfectly with a hot cup of tea, of course! Any good excuse for all of the chocolate before our beloved Sunday lunch – all the more extravagant for the occasion.

For any children staying here with us, we organise a treasure hunt around Well Cottage. We even extend the fun out into the mythical forest too – just four minutes walk away from home, where you can get lost in an entirely different world. An egg search can be arranged for the little ones to enjoy in the depths of the ivy covered trees, by the gentle flow of the stream to really enjoy a real adventure out – with all of the rewards!

With much laughter, exploring and discovering, it reminds us to take nature in. It’s so wonderful being able to make the most of the gorgeous surroundings, with both adults and little ones having such simple fun together, so accessible and near to home, away from all technology. It’s pure.

A definite shift has arrived and the green buds on the trees are bursting with excitement. The pretty flowers create a speckled carpet of bluebells and snowflakes against the wild garlic leaves which boast themselves proudly like giant blades of grass. Perhaps a world created for us as a gift. Strokes of vivid blue-violet delicately painted while the white splatters, designed a little more carelessly. Each individual blossom putting on a show to please us.

It really does feel as if you’ve stepped through the wardrobe of Narnia into a fairyland scene, with nature taking up the space she deserves. The pathway being nothing more than a slight parting, so that on both sides as you walk you are saluted by the foliage that reaches up to greet you. The sun rays dance through the swaying trees above, shimmering a mystical light that entices your eyes to be drawn to the smaller details. Such as, the golden glisten of the dew drops decorating the carefully crafted spider’s home; the bright yellow butterfly that stops to kiss each flower; the fiercely protective shell of the sweet chestnut. The realisation that nature and all of her wonders include you. This is the joy of an afternoon promenade through the English wood.

Opening out to an expanse of far-reaching fields that sport dandelions and clusters of loosestrife in surprisingly tropical hues with the seemingly never-ending blue sky, a great ocean above. This sense of freedom is reflected in the wildlife, from the birds singing well-rehearsed songs, to the pheasant darting from the bushes, the bunnies bobbing across the grass and – if you’re lucky (and quiet enough!) you might even spot an elusive deer in the depths of the forests. Returning back to your home away from home, although your legs may be tired, your energy is revitalised thanks to all of the sensory delights along the journey.

There is real magic in the untouched countryside of England. A magic that reminds us where we all really come from and why we’re here – to share experiences, savour our surroundings and most importantly, spend time doing that which makes us the happiest. Of course, this includes indulging in a good, strong cup of tea with a sweet scone (or any left over chocolate cake!) after a long, quintessentially English, woodland walk.

These are the real pleasures of life. We are so grateful to be enjoying these gifts every day and are so looking forward to sharing these moments with you when you come to experience this for yourself. We will be sure to provide you with the best walking possibilities from the cottage so that you can venture out on your own when you’re here, to find yourself in nature.