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April 2023 Newsletter

Hello beautiful friends, near and all across the globe! Greetings and salutations from Laura and Nathan! It’s time to be transported once again for a few minutes to our gorgeous little corner of the world – here goes our exclusive English Cottage Vacation April 2023 edition!

We’ve had a proper flurry of activity here at Well Cottage since Spring sprung as we gear up for our first lucky arrivals in May. Our garden and glorious fields and hedgerows all around us have burst into life with unimaginably vivid colours, and we’re taking advantage of the wonderful weather to nurture new plants – both edible and decorative!!

In this issue we also have a very special offer for May mixed retreat bookings, tantalising snaps of Well Cottage and the spectacular area around us, plus more!

* To all of our new subscribers, including all those who have come from Anglotopia and The Villages, thank you so much for subscribing!

Without further ado, let’s dive into all the latest news!

ecv forest

Immerse yourself in nature while we show you only the best of what Britain has to offer!

ecv blossoms ecv duck and ducklings ecv pheasant

In this month’s newsletter…

  • Garden Delights: A Feast For the Eyes & Taste Buds!
  • Springtime Serenade: Dorset’s Technicolor Dreamscape Dazzles the Soul
  • May & June 2023 Special: An Offer You Can’t Refuse
  • Top Tip: Why Booking As A Group Is Best
  • Feaured Recipe: Red Wine and Grenadine Poached Pears, Stuffed with Mascarpone Cheese Recipe
  • Guest Voices: Reviews and Testimonials
  • FAQ: This Month’s Frequently Asked Question
  • Last Word: Our Final Thought

Flowers blooming during Springtime in Dorset

Springtime is in full bloom all around us!

A Fiesta of Floral Eye-Candy & Home-grown Produce

It’s all been happening here at Well Cottage this Spring! We have been hard at work repainting all the outdoor furniture to add a fresh touch, and our herb trolley is back in action with young seedlings stretching skyward, eager to bask in the sunlight.

The flower beds have burst proudly into bloom, and hanging and window baskets will soon be adorned with delightful daisies and gorgeous geraniums, while Laura’s favourite alliums promise a stunning display in just 4-6 weeks!

We’ve also planted a pear and a fig tree, and a generous friend recently gifted us a grapevine! To add zest to the mix, we’re planting a lime tree, ensuring a bountiful harvest of homegrown fruit for our guests this year. The intoxicating blossom in our garden and the local lane is nothing short of incredible, a sight to behold!

For the finishing touch, we’re pondering the perfect companion plants for our roses in the front garden. Hydrangeas are a strong contender, but we’d love to hear your suggestions!

ecv well cottage in spring

The gorgeous gardens at Well Cottage in Springtime!

April Garden Update! Work is in full swing as we prepare for the arrival of our first guests this year

Springtime Serenade: Dorset’s Technicolor Dreamscape Dazzles the Soul

Join us on a visit to our local woods to see this years magnificent display of bluebells!
Or book a vacation with us and see them for yourself!


countryside thistles

The breathtaking countryside of Dorset, England, is a true spectacle to behold during the vibrant Spring season!

Nature has now fully awakened from its winter slumber, and a spectacular tapestry of colours has unfolded across the rolling hills and picturesque valleys.

The lush, emerald-green fields are adorned with a myriad of wildflowers, painting the landscape in hues of yellow, pink, and blue as they dance in the gentle breeze. Ancient hedgerows and charming stone walls trace a rich history through the land, while enchanting woodlands come alive with the melodious chorus of birdsong.

The delightful scent of blooming hawthorn and bluebells fills the air, inviting you to explore the hidden gems of Dorset’s idyllic villages, brimming with quaint thatched cottages (like our very own luxury Well Cottage!) and welcoming country pubs.

As the golden sun casts its warm rays over the iconic Jurassic Coast, there’s no denying that the magic of Springtime in Dorset is an experience that will leave you utterly enchanted and forever longing to return!

And with summer just around the corner, things will just get better and better with plenty of warm, dry days ahead to enjoy all the many fabulous sights and activities on our doorstep. Bliss!!

field of daisies

May & June 2023 Special: An Offer You Can’t Refuse!

As if there weren’t enough reasons to come and be pampered by us, we’re massively slashing prices of our May ‘Mixed Retreat’ 7 night experience!!!

May 23rd – 30th

Check out the itinerary here!

Total luxury, fantastic itinerary, great company and beautiful accommodation.

ECV Bedroom 1

Master (Bedroom 1): Welcome to our charming Bedroom 1, where you’ll find an ultra-comfy US King-sized bed waiting! This delightful room boasts double-aspect windows, offering exquisite views of both the lush back garden and the enchanting countryside beyond. You’ll love the character that the exposed ceiling beams add, as well as the room’s bright and breezy atmosphere. And for that extra touch of cosiness, you’ll have your very own private en-suite, complete with a rejuvenating shower!

* SPECIAL PRICE from just US$8,000 double or $6,000 single!

bedroom 3

Bedroom 3: Welcome to the versatile bedroom three, where you have the choice between a plush US Queen-sized bed with a handy dressing table right next to it, or opt for two cozy twin beds with the dressing table nestled in between. This inviting room also features a stylish, brand new custom wardrobe to accommodate all your belongings. You’ll be mesmerised by the lovely views of the countryside through the charming, large ‘chocolate box’ dormer-style window facing the front. And to top it all off, you’ll have access to a private bathroom just adjacent to the bedroom, ensuring a comfortable and delightful stay!

* SPECIAL PRICE for May & June – from just US$4,000 double or $3,000 single!

Check out our luxurious rooms and our all-inclusive packages to see the amazing experience that’s in store for you!!

Click here to enquire or book now!

or email –

ecv well cottage front2 ecv reception room1 ecv The Snug ecv dining room ecv dining table

Why Booking As A Group Is Best

If you’re looking for a truly magical vacation experience with your closest friends, look no further than English Cottage Vacation.

With room for up to six guests, our luxurious 18th century thatched cottage is the perfect place to relax and unwind together.

And with our all-inclusive, fully-organized vacation packages, everything is taken care of from the moment you arrive. So that you can really enjoy the company of your friends, while exploring views like this!

By booking as a group, you’ll benefit from the best prices and can share your unforgettable experiences with your favourite people.

So gather your closest friends and book your exclusive group vacation with us today at English Cottage Vacation – it’s the perfect way to make magical memories that will last a lifetime without having to worry about how you’re going to split the bills at dinner!

ecv countryside view ecv nathan providing guests with bicycles ecv guests dining2

Featured Recipe: Laura’s Red Wine and Grenadine Poached Pears, Stuffed with Mascarpone Cheese

Mmmm… how does this sound?

If you’ve never had this before, you’re really, really missing out! It’s absolutely gorgeous! So much so that this recipe is in my brand new cookbook coming soon – and I’m sharing it here too!


  • 1 pear per person, peeled and cored
  • Orange juice
  • Grenadine
  • Red wine
  • Mascarpone Cheese
  • Orange and berries to decorate


  • Place pears into a saucepan large enough to make sure the pears don’t stack.
  • Cover with a mixture of ½ orange juice and ½ red wine, enough to almost cover the pears
  • Add ½ cup of grenadine.
  • Bring to boil and then turn the heat down to simmer for 15 mins making sure to turn the pears at least once.
  • Take the pears out of the saucepan and set aside.
  • Continue to simmer the juice mixture until it reduces to a syrup.
  • Before serving return the pears to the syrup on a low heat, turning and coating so as to evenly heat the pears through.
  • Take the pears out of the syrup and stand upright in a serving dish. If you are finding that the pears won’t stand, slice off an even layer from the bottom of the pear for a stable base.
  • Carefully spoon in some mascarpone cheese. I find making a quenelle from the cheese helps to make stuffing the hot pears easier.
  • Once stuffed, pour a little syrup over the entire pears, decorate and serve immediately!
Red Wine and Grenadine Poached Pears, Stuffed with Mascarpone Cheese Recipe

Guest Voices: Reviews and Testimonials

There’s nothing quite like hearing directly from guests who’ve experienced the magic of staying at our luxury cottage in the English countryside!

These first-hand reviews are a testament to the unforgettable experiences we provide and help build trust for future visitors like you! You can find rave reviews about English Cottage Vacation from various sources, such as:

Website Reviews
Google Reviews
Tripadvisor Reviews

To read the heartwarming reviews and testimonials guests have kindly shared, just head over to our website, where you’ll also find our Google reviews.

And don’t forget, we prioritise your peace of mind by offering a secure and flexible agreement, complete with a considerate cancellation and rescheduling policy. For that extra reassurance, you can even look up our business – Appanage Vacations Ltd – on the UK Government Website ‘Companies House’.

We can’t wait to share your (inevitable!) glowing write-up after you’ve experienced an unforgettably amazing time with us here in divine Dorset!

ecv guests1

Featured FAQ: This month’s Frequently Asked Question

Q. What’s special about Fontmell Magna?

A. Fontmell Magna, near Well Cottage’s Bedchester location, is a charming village nestled in the picturesque county of Dorset, UK. There are several aspects that make it special and worth visiting:

  • Stunning Countryside! Fontmell Magna is surrounded by gorgeous rolling hills, lush meadows, and serene landscapes. The village is located within the Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat.
  • Rich History! Fontmell Magna has a long and fascinating history dating back to the Iron Age. It boasts a variety of historical landmarks, including the 12th-century St. Andrew’s Church and the remains of an ancient hill fort at nearby Duncliffe Hill.
  • Village Charm: The village is characterised by its lovely thatched cottages, traditional stone buildings, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Visitors can experience the authentic English countryside lifestyle by taking leisurely strolls, enjoying local pubs, and attending community events.
  • Outdoor Activities: Fontmell Magna offers a range of outdoor activities, such as walking, cycling, and horse riding. The nearby Fontmell and Melbury Downs offer stunning views and trails for exploring the breathtaking scenery.
  • Proximity to Attractions: The village’s location in Dorset makes it an ideal base for exploring the region’s many attractions. It’s just a short drive away from historic towns like Shaftesbury and Sherborne, as well as iconic sites like Stonehenge, the Jurassic Coast, and the New Forest National Park.

If you want to view our other Frequently Asked Questions, simply click here to view our dedicated page.

Milton Abbas

A row of traditional English thatched cottages in gorgeous Milton Abbas

Our Final Thought…

Seeing the wonderment in our guests’ eyes as they embrace our 18th-century Dorset thatched haven is a heartwarming gift!

Their excitement, echoing through the centuries-old walls, fuels our passion for sharing this enchanting sanctuary. And as they weave tales of adventure from the surrounding attractions they’ve visited each day while here at Well Cottage, their joy rekindles the magic within, reminding us how beautifully our past entwines with the present to create memories that last a lifetime.

We can’t wait to share all this with you and witness the wonder in your eyes too!

Much love as always,

Nathan & Laura

Nathan and Laura in front of Well Cottage