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A British Vacation That’s Fun For The Kids & Stress-Free For Parents

Family vacations are a fantastic opportunity to spend time with your nearest and dearest, making fun memories while you create closer bonds with those that you love. If your family vacation group includes children, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to do a little more legwork to plan activities that will be fun for both adults and kids. 

English Cottage Vacation offers a fully-organised British vacation that makes it easier for you to plan a good time for every group member. A holiday with kids may need a lot of work-around on your part to plan activities that they’ll enjoy without stressing you out. 

The children’s excitement is infectious so when they’re happy, you’re happy. Dorset has lots of amazing places and activities for your kids to enjoy during your holiday. When they’re entertained and engaged in fun activities or playing with other kids, you also get some time to yourself to relax and take a breather. Now isn’t that just what a vacation is all about?


Aquariums are a timeless favourite among children of all ages. Watching different types, shapes and sizes of aquatic creatures swim around is an exciting adventure that’s sure to leave the little ones in awe. 

The best part of this activity is that even the adults can join and learn something new and exciting about different sea animals right along with the kids. Dorset’s SEA LIFE Centre in Weymouth is a great option for this kind of adventure, with a fun underwater world just waiting to be explored and adventure park zones for extra fun.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Who doesn’t love playing with snow? While cold, snowy days will tempt you to stay indoors all wrapped up and cosy with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in another, the children are likely to  find sitting still for so long a total snoozefest. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of fun activities the kids can be part of in Dorset even when the beautiful countryside turns into a snow-covered winter wonderland. The Snowtrax Alpine Activity Centre & Snowsports Shop is a great place to go for some family fun in the snow, whether you’re up for skiing or snowboarding. Just make sure to bundle up your bundles of joy in some warm clothes!

Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks — the name says it all! Filled with all sorts of fun rides, slides and play centres, amusement parks are designed to bring happiness to everyone who visits them, whether you enjoy the park as a family or let the kids have fun while you relax.

The beauty of the amusement parks in Dorset is that they are so many different ones. This way, you can pick the one that you know your kids will love most. There’s Adventure Wonderland, themed after the Alice in Wonderland novel and catering to families with children up to the age of 10. Alternatively, if your kids love splashing around, the Splashdown waterpark is a perfect choice. Fantasy Island is another great option — a fun park filled with fantasy elements like a ghost train where your littlest loves can enjoy the chills and thrills of a spooky ride.   

Museums & Castles

If you would prefer that the younger family members in your group have a more educational experience, with all of the fun still included, then you can opt for a trip to one of the many nearby museums that Dorset has to offer. Whether you want to visit a military, aviation, fossil or history museum, there’s so much variety when it comes to museums that you’re truly spoilt for choice. There’s even a Teddy Bear museum in Dorset with life-sized versions of the beloved fluffy bears that your little ones are likely to enjoy. We have a full blog on all of the nearby museums in Dorset, so you check that out here to start getting excited about your options. 

Alternatively, the nearby castles are also a winner for our younger guests, to evoke a more-magical era, igniting their imagination. These excursions a favourite for a history lesson while keeping the little ones entertained.  And of course, it goes without saying that we arrange all of this for you, from planning and preparing to lunch packing and picnic creating! And as always, you will be brought wherever you need to go by your own personal chauffeur Nathan, in our luxury van, to remove any other stress-related holiday factors!

Natural Wonders

From gardens and islands to sandy beaches and the famous Durdle Door, Dorset has a plethora of natural wonders that you simply can’t miss. With these, and other options, the kids will be able to enjoy something unique and exciting on their vacation, while you take in the beauty of nature, allowing it refresh your mind, body and spirit. 

Children are simultaneously the easiest people to please and the hardest to figure out. Involving them in your vacation planning is a great way to get them excited about the trip, while also gaining their input on the kinds of activities that they would enjoy so that you can save yourself the stress of figuring it out on your own.

Here at English Cottage Vacation, we’re dedicated to making the holiday-planning process as smooth as possible for you. We really do take care of it all – and we can tailor your vacation according to your needs and wants, with your children in mind too. Your stress-free vacation begins right at the planning stage with us as we make sure everything goes to plan. Book a call with us today to get started on creating your dream, stress-free, British Vacation, in the beautiful countryside of Dorset.